Monday, 22 May 2017

March and April Favorite Picks

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of update last month, school just reopens and it has been a busy month. So I decided to combine the two months so that is easier and also I have more things to show!!

In my March and April favorite picks will include items from Korea, since I went there in mid April because of a friend's wedding! It was makeup heaven!! So this post will be mainly on makeup and all my makeup that I recommend for these two months.

Love Liner Color Collection 

Burgundy BrownPink Brown 

I always wanted to try a love liner color liner, but it was sold out last year when it was released for Christmas. I couldn't get my hands on it at all! However, they just release a whole line of color collection eyeliner for spring and summer and the colors are just to die for! 

Obviously I went for the pink one because I am not as daring to go for green or blue. The pink eyeliners is not baby or pastel-ish like eye shadow, but have a darker tone. Which gives a softer feel when applied. 

You can either use it as an eye shadow or a soft eyeliner feel like brown eyeliner. Using it as an eye shadow is a good idea because it is waterproof which made its long lasting. 

Love Liner Color Collection - ¥1,600 w/o tax each. 


Sparkling Eye Gloss Smoky Pink - 04  

A based cream eye shadow which is really good for setting makeup, for a base or just a normal eye shadow used. 
It dries really fast and is not as wet as some other product. It is also smooth and holds really well which makes it really easy to blend. 

My favorite point is that is comes in a lip gloss bottle which is really easy to use and carry around. Those that are in a jar is so hard to use once you are 50% in. 

Sparkling Eye Gloss - ¥900 w/o Tax 

Etude House 

Play 101 Stick - Pink and Purple 

After watching Pony's makeup video, I decided to buy this play 101 color correction stick to improve on my based makeup. Managed to get my hands on it when I was in Korea and I would say it was a good buy! 

This product which is meant to color correct some area of the skin to brighten up the face is used like the picture below. 

Pink - Asian people who usually have a lighter skin tone use pink for their dark eye circles. It can also brighten up the T zone area. 

Purple - Use to brighten up a dull area on the skin. Mainly used to against yellow undertones to brighten the skin up.  

This product is really useful not only on normal days, but when days your skin tends to flare up for no reason at all. When the cold season come and some time my skin just has mood swings, it is a really good tool to brighten my skin. 

Play 101 Stick - Retailling at 24 SGD / ₩12,000 

Etude House
Play Color Eyes - Cherry Blossom (2017 edition) 

First saw this on Instagram where they were promoting etude house new play color eyes pallet and it was for the spring season. One look at it and I know I had to get it. I always wanted their coffee series or ice cream series, however I never really got myself to buy it. Lucky for me, I manage to grab one when I was in Korea! 

Since pink never go out of style and is used in many seasons. I feel that this item is just so justified since I got so much more colors to play with. 

The eye shadows are really pigmented and are able to hold for more than 12 hours. One of the best point is that there is a mixture of matte and shimmer eye shadows. 

Play Color Eye - Cheery Blossom - Retailing at ₩22,000

3CE StyleNanda  

Pink Kabuki Brush 

Needed a Kabuki brush in Japan, so I decided to get it in Korea. I almost bought the Innisfree brush, but 3CE Caught my eye and I decided to get it from there. One reason : PINK! 
And it is really smooth that is comparable to Innisfree. The next reason is that it is much cheaper than Innisfree Kabuki brush. 

This brush is just perfect for putting loose / press powder for the finishing touches for my base makeup. 

Pink Kabuki Brush - Retailing at 11 SGD 

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Look Book for April (Spring)

Sorry guys! I went missing for so long due to school and a lot of things happening around! I have so many draft post that need to have finish touches before putting up.  

Time for April Look book!! It was really nice in April with beautiful weather and lovely Sakura that was blooming all over Kyoto. Perfect time to bring out all the bright pastel colours that was hiding in my closet. Even thought is spring, it is still quite cold and chilly as sometimes the temperature can be as low as 12 degrees. So some of them, I had to wear a jacket or something thicker, which is what I wore in the winter. 

My new semester began in the second week of April and I look forward to it by dressing as much as I can!  Sadly, some of the days, I was way too tired and forgot to take a photo of my outfit coords. 

Is already may and we are approaching the middle of the year already! Time is passing really fast and summer is approaching REALLY SOON! I am not a big fan of summer because I lived in Singapore my whole life before I come to Japan. And Singapore feels like Summer everyday! The horror! I just hope that this year summer won't hit the record high for temperature. 


Top: Earth Music and Ecology 
Skirt : Candy Rain 
Shoes : Jellybean shoes 

Skirt : Monlily
Sandals : 夢展望 
Spec : alook 

Top : Ank Rouge 
Skirt : Secret Magic 
Sandals : 夢展望 

Top : Earth Music and Ecology 
Skirt : Uniqlo 
Shoes : Jellybean 
Bag : Samantha Vega 
Spec : alook 

Dress: Monlily 
Top : Monlily 
Sandals : Mayla Classic 
Choker : Lattice Lessignesで販売中 

Top : Ank Rouge 
Skirt : Monlily 
Shoes : Jellybean 
Spec : aLook

For the love of floral 

Top : Liz Lisa 
OP : Liz Lisa 

Top : Ank Rouge 
Skirt : Offbrand from Thailand 
Spec : aLook
Shoes : Jellybean

Top : 
Dress : H&M (Hong Kong) 


Top : 
OP : Liz Lisa 
Tights and Socks : Tutu Anna 
Shoes: Adidas NMD 

Top : Monlily 
Skirt : 
Sandals : 夢展望  
Hairband : Lattice Lessignesで販売中 

Top : Bobon21 
Skirt : Offbrand 
Spec : aLook 
 Socks : Tutu Anna 
Shoes: Adidas NMD 

Skirt : Off brand 
Sandals : 夢展望  
Spec : aLook 

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Hoho Chimek

If you have ever been or heard of Simpang Bedok, one of the most popular place to eat is at Spize for their prata and late night food. However, the area is much more than that and there is a cozy little shop which is tucked in East Village at Bedok which is called Hoho Chimek. This Korean restaurant is something not to miss when you have craving for the typical army stew, chicken wings or ginseng soup. Now there are even more options in Simpang and is not just prata and Malay food anymore. 

This is about my third time here and they change the layout of the place and put up more decorations. With new sofa seats for groups, is the perfect place for a gathering. With Korean music or shows playing behind and a quiet ambiance because of the place itself. 

Is not hard to miss this place as is located next to the supermarket. 

So I got my usual craving of Korean chicken wings when I was back in Singapore and I ate 4 fingers the other day so I didn't want to stick with the usual. I also really want to eat Army stew, but the one in Bugis is usually for 2 or more people. So I decided to drop by here because they have single serving which is just enough for myself and won't make my wallet cry. 

As you can see from the Korean golden pot! This is a Small (single) serving size. They have small, Medium, Large. 
The army stew aka Budae-jigae is filled with ingredients like mushroom, spam, baked beans, noodles and sausages. With all these, I was already full before I can finish up everything.
The soup based is really flavorful and the longer it boils the better it becomes. 

Army Stew aka Budae-jigae - 15SGD 

Another item that is a must get is their chicken wings. Even my friends told me that is absolutely delicious! Since there is a choice to get it separately, I decided to get their chicken combo instead, so that I can get both spicy wings and soy garlic wings.  I love spicy food so naturally I loved the spicy wings, however their soy garlic was just as good which makes is hard to choose a favorite. 

Chicken Combo - 11.50SGD 

Another top seller from this place is the Korean ginseng chicken soup, which is recommended. Since I am not a big fan of ginseng, most comments are coming from Vincent. I did try a bit and it doesn't seem to be overpowering of bitterness and is quite refreshing. The chicken was really tender and it was easy to eat.  Vincent mentions that is the best one he had so far and he literally drink everything up. 

Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup aka Sam Gye Tang - 15 SGD 
After ordering all these, we were filled to the brim! We couldn't even go and buy churros because I was that full. One thing for sure is that I was satisfied and my Korean craving didn't come back till I was back in Kyoto. For sure I know I will be going back for more Korean food here when I am back in Singapore again. 

Note: If you are going there during peak hours, is best to call them as recently I found out that is getting really crowded. 

Hoho Chimek 

430 Upper Changi Road 
East Village #01-45 

Tel : 67021396 

12:00 pm - 10:00pm
Closed on Tuesday  

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Look Book for February and March

Being back in Singapore for two months made me so fat because of all the food! You can never run away from food in Singapore. There have been just too much good food and a lot of carbs everywhere. 

Anyway, back to the post! I decided to make a compilation of my outfit of the day photos that I usually post them in Instagram. This time because I was in Singapore for the month of February and March, I decided to join them together. (Kinda spend more time at home and other places so sometimes I just don't dress up) Most of my clothes are also in Japan, so you may notice a lot of repeats. I had a hard time cracking my brain for some of my outfits because of the lack of choices I had. 

Is spring season in Kyoto right now and I'm so going to love it because the weather is just nice for many outfits! No more thick coats, but is still chilly enough for a light jacket. Can't wait to go Hanami too! Hopefully the rain doesn't make all the Sakura fall off.  

Feminine / Sweet   

Dress : Monlily 
Choker : Lattice Lessignesで販売中 
Belt : off brand from Thailand 
Specs : alook

Top : Cotton On 
Skirt : Uniqlo 
Shoe : 夢展望
Choker : Lattice Lessignesで販売中 
Spec : alook

Dress : Candy Rain 
Shoes : Liz Lisa 
Spec : alook 

Top : Liz Lisa 
One piece : Axes Femme 

Top : Liz Lisa 
One piece : Axes Femme 
Shoes : Liz Lisa 


Top : Beshka 
Skirt : Off Brand 
Shoes : 夢展望  
Spec: alook

Top : stradivarius
Skirt : GU 
Shoes : stradivarius 
Socks : tutuanna 
Jacket : Sadly is my sisters. and there is no tag.. and she is not telling me where she got it from. 

Top : 夢展望
Skirt : GU
Shoes : DreamV 

Pink top : Stradivarius 
Inner top and skirt : offbrand 
Outer coat : Rebel Chic 
Shoes : Adidas NMD 

Top : Forever 21 
Skirt : Off brand 
Bag : Samantha Vega 

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Top : Cotton On 
Skirt : Cotton On 

Thanks For viewing and Hope you like it!~

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

KCS Medical Group : Aesthetics Specialist

Is been quite sometime since I blogged about my skincare for my face as the last one was about DRx Clinic. Is already been a long while since I used Drx products and I also updated on that post regarding my visits and experience with them in the end. Like I have mentioned in the blog post, Drx did help me for a period of time, but the end services put me off.
My face was pretty alright after I used their product and I felt that I didn't need to change it, but only felt that it was a too expensive. The one thing I really wanted to get rid of was a keloid scar that is on my left chin. Sadly the injection from DRx didn't quite work and I went to ask for recommendation else where. 

   My friend told me about KCS Medical and that there is high review about it. So I went to take a look for my scar. Well, long story turns short, I ended up going for my entire face, which includes acne, pores and pigmentation. 

Is already been some time since my first visit to KCS and till today, I am still with them. The products have shown great improvement in maintaining my skin and improving it. Which I feel there is no reason to change. 

If you read my other blog post, you will know that face had really bad acne in the past and I was trying to get rid of it. When I left DRx and went to KCS, the doctor who is Dr Chua told me that you wanted to clear my skin first as it is still prone to acne. So I bought the acne skin care set first.

Note: This was taken in 2011, My face always have been like this when I have breakout and I have a lot of scars remaining. Not forgetting really big pores. 

The photo below is early 2016 when I already with them for more than a year. 

Still trying to maintain, keeping my pores in check and lighten the pigmentation. 


The thing that helped my skin to clear up this nicely was because of Oratane. Close to Nimegen which is another pill that I use to take when I was a teen that was for acne. I took it for around 6 - 7 month and the doctor told me I could stop taken it regularly and only take it when I need to. So for close to a year and a half. I have not been depending on this pill and so far the results has been great. Which I am really happy! 

Currently, the only time where I have a pimple is when my period is coming and it doesn't come full blown, but just one or two near the T zone area. 

Price : 50+ SGD 
(I need to double check as is been awhile, Will put the updated version soon) 

The products from KCS 

KCS Acne Skin Care Set
Includes the following below. 

1. Anti-bacterial Acne Cleanser 
2. Clarifying Oil Control Moisturizer 
3. Acne Treatment Gel 
4. Advanced C-Serum High Concentration Vitamin C 
5. SPF 90 Daily UV Defense 

Cost: 288 SGD

This was the first set I bought for them to clear my skin and I would say that it helps a lot. 
The wash was light and foamy and there is a light scent. 
The moisturizer and vitamin C cream was not overly oily on my face and just a bit was enough. 
The Acne gel can stingy when applying on a pimple and is also good to maintain it from breakout. 
The sunscreen is one of my favorite since is SPF 90 and is tinted too. 

I usually use this set in Singapore as the weather is hotter and more humid than Japan. Which means, more sweat and more prone to acne. 

There is also another set that is mainly for Hydrating instead of acne.
Is quite similar to the acne set and the only different is that the cleanser and moisturizer will change to the hydrating version and the acne gel is not included.  There is also the option of including the Triple effect Eye Serum and Anti-aging Revitalizing Serum 

The other products that they are selling is also the 
- Hydrating Makeup Remover 
- Intense Hydrating Repair Cream 
- Rejuvenating Hydro Cleanser 
(Didn't have a photo because I used it finish)

Since I go to Japan and the weather is much colder and dryer, so the doctor recommended me to take up the hydrating set as well to bring over. I have been using the hydrating set when I am in Japan with the acne gel. I will switch to the acne cleanser and moisturizer during summer or when I see any pimple growing. Since they product comes from the same place, is OK to switch when needed. 

The hydrating cleanser is way more lighter and smooth than the acne cleaner and it doesn't foam. After using for a couple a months, I understand why and it doesn't help to cleanse my face while keeping the moisture. 
The Intense hydrating repair cream is thicker and moisturize than the acne series. 
The Makeup Remover is light and doesn't create a lot of foam. I am still using the Histomer Sensitive skin gel when I have it, however recently is has not been in stock so I need an alternative. Their makeup removal does its job and is not harsh to the skin. 

      With my face all clear up from annoying breakout, I felt way less stress in the past few years. Putting on makeup and skincare has been way easier and also I don't really need to use so much filter on my face or photo shop away a pimple. I also gain way more confidence and I don't even care if I go out of the house without any makeup on. I will probably by annoyed with my eye bags soon. However, currently my main concern for my skin is just the pigmentation which is the freckles and my pores which I am still trying to tighten. For those problems, only products can get you so far so I may go for treatments like laser in the near future. If I do, I shall keep my readers update and blog about it if it works! (The doctor told me confidently that it will) 

 Dr Chua is the main practitioner in the clinic and he handles all the consultation and treatment. He is a really good doctor that go straight to the point. The issue of my keloid scar was worse than I thought because is still an active scar. I tried to inject it once, but it didn't really go fully away and he told me that this thing probably won't go away for the time being and adviced me not to inject it anymore and just leave it.
He is also very straight forward and doesn't beat around the bush which is something I feel that a doctor should do. Since being a matter of my skin, I would want to know the full problem and details instead of just sugar coating it or giving half baked replies which happened to me in the other clinic. You can really tell that he loves his job and wishes his patients well! 

If you are interested in visiting KCS Medical Group and consult with Dr Chua, do book an appointment with them. Do take note of the opening hours so that you don't go there disappointed. 

The Location is at 

718 Bedok Reservoir Road 
Singapore 470718 
Tel : 6442 4149 

The current post is based on my experience and all paid on my own expenses. I have no sponsorship or partnership with them and I truly want to share with my readers on this clinic because helped me a lot.