Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My Date with Priscilla at Yayoiken!

As much as I love going date with Vincent going out with girls is just as fun! All the cute chats and looking at all the cute stuff, you just can't go wrong with a girl! Well I know Vincent go all high and cute too. Been so long since I went out with Priscilla so we decided to go out for a date and have fun! 
Before the date she went to Arcadia and actually won a ALPACA FOR $1.50! WHAT IS THIS? THIS IS LIKE HER SECOND TIME SHE WON A $1.50 ALPACA! I can never win anything on those UFO catcher! 

We decided to have our lunch at Yayoiken! I ate there a few times already and I really love the food! So I introduce it to her too! And with Star alpaca-san! 

We decided that everything shall have alpaca-san XD 

Japanese Restaurant Yayoiken! Which give you free flow of rice! 

Ordering from their touch screen system which limit you contact from the outside world. Even Ice water you must order from here! 

Alpaca-san decided to see other people eat! 

So I ordered the Mix toji set and change it to sliced pork! My favorite! Is really very good! Go and try and you shall be the judge! 

Just look at it! 

Priscilla ordered the Chicken Namban set! (Sorry picture abit blur) 

Alpaca-san is happy that her owner got that and wants to eat it all! 

After lunch we decided to go window shopping and then head down to the suntect flea. Sadly there was nothing much and we didn't buy anything expect for one item. I bought a hair clip and she brought a bracelet. Well now flea is not much of second hand items but all those blog shop trying to clear their stock. So many are of those price range and is all the usual fashion. Ahh.. sadly gyaru fashion is still not popular in Singapore. Wanted to find some treasure of second hand bag and then DIY it to something else. 

After that we just went to go chill out at Coffee Bean! She intro me a really nice drink which is the Earl Grey Tea latte! HOMG IS REALLY DAMN GOOD! Go and try! Is not on the menu so you need to tell the staff that you want it to do it and that other places have done it before. They will say that they haven done it and it will taste different or varies. Just say is fine AND TRY IT! You won't regret! 

Well I got my dark chocolate mocha and Is was really heaty after awhile. But for her tea latte it was so refreshing that you just want to keep drinking! 

Damn I gotten fatter after Chinese New year! Time to go back to gym and lose weight! 
Here a photo of us to remember of the day! The girl who love cute stuff and japanese fashion/songs and drama! WAHAHA XD 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Kase

In today world, we love our phones! Even more then our friends sometime! When you dropped your phone you will cry or scream but when your friend fall down you laugh at them. We love our phone and we love to personalize our phone! Even 90s those who have Nokias love to change their covers and keypads. I remember I do! With the newest technology and everyone coming out with hand phone cover designs is really easy to get what you like off the shelf these days.

Let me introduce you to The Kase! One of the company that specialize in hand phone and tablet cover design! 

The Kase company came from France and they are going international now! They open shops around the global like Germany, Hong Kong, US and now finally they are here in Singapore! YAY-NESS! Their outlets are in Ion Orchard and Parkway Parade. So I went to the Parkway one because is nearer to my home. 

The Kaze solang is I AM Unik! So go be Unik And create a phone cover that says you! 

They have many hand phone covers displayed and ready to purchase off the shelf. Here are some of the designs! 

There are many to choose from and don't worry if it looks like is all for Iphone only. They can make it to all phone covers! This photo below proves it all! Is like a shrine for the hand phone covers backs of all the phones they provide. Iphone to Samsung to HTC, Flips non Flips, Colours and etc. 
The price usually varies with the type of covers you want not the type of phone you have. So you won't see a iphone cover being cheaper then a Samsung cover. Their price varies from the type like flip or non flip. Which starts from $39.90.

They also sell hand phone accessories like power banks, Screen protectors, cables, headsets and etc. 

I needed a new screen protector too! So I got mine here! 

This is where the magic happens! The machine that will print the design you desire. 

So when you approach the staff and ask for help, they will asked what design do you want or do you want to customize your own. So I decided to customize my own that suit my personality! The staff that helped me was Wei Chuan and Troy! Thanks so much for being so patient with me because Im so flicker minded and perfectionist when it comes to alignment. They went through with me step by step and show how you can customize to the way you want it with different applications on the Ipad. There even a The Kase app that helps you to finalize everything. Sadly it is not for download. 
I was unprepared when I came because I had no idea what I wanted to do so I went to google on the spot for photos and I came across this SUPER CUTE ALPACA! HOMG! IS SOOO FLUFFY PINK AND CUTE! The photo is credit to http://www.tastypeachstudios.tumblr.com/ And wow this girl is talented! So many cute items! Im so going to buy their items to support the artist! 

So he now preparing the machine for it to print onto the cover. 

Here a little video of the machine doing its work! 



and for my boyfriend he decided to do as well because it looks so fun. He did a Dota2 cover! 

and the results! 

So this is the final product! Im totally in love with it! 

I am totally happy of the results and Im totally going to keep this safe!! Looks like Im stuck with my S3 for a little longer because of this new casing! I won't want to change to a new phone for the time being! Vincent also love his cover a lot and have been showering off to everyone he knows and at Colo. Now all of them wants one too. Thank you once again The Kase for giving me this opportunity!! And also thanks to the two really awesome staff Wei Chuan and Troy! hope you had a great laugh that day! 

Think that you can make a cuter phone cover then mine? XD 
Go try and show me your design and let me squeal over it!! 

The Kase 
Parkway Parade B1#150-151 (Is next to the guardian) 
80 Marine Parade Road 
Singapore 449269 
Tel : 6348 6843

Second outlet 
ION Orchard  B2-27
2 Orchard Turn 
Singapore 238801 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Unicorn and Paddle pop by Glitzy Fingers

As you know I blog about Glitzy Fingers for Gelish nails before! Which is here! Here a picture to refresh your minds of what she did! I did mention that she is really talented in nail art and after see her works day by day HOMG SHE IS GETTING BETTER! 

So I went back a few more times to do my nails again just that I didn't really blog about it. I did posted them on Instagram so if you have follow me you should have seen it XD Is really hard to get hold of her now because she getting really popular! She have appointment almost every time so I needed to book really advance just to do my nails! Like 1 month+ or else I will be left with those drop out appointment with funny timings. That's how busy she is! 

So these are the few that I did! This pink liz lisa inspired was like quite long ago but it was super lovely! 

I also did this for this year Chinese New Year! I was going for more paddle pop feel with pastel colours because I bought all my new outfit in those! Inspired by Okarie!! She did something like that and I fell in love with it so I show it to Belle and ask her to create something with her own twist! See how pretty she done it! 

So after I done this one It stayed on for really long like almost 2 months and I went to do another for just in time for my Malaysia trip! This time wanted to do a bit different and also asked her to do a unicorn for me! I saw her did a pinkie pie one and it was so cute and could't resist! I swear she really did the whole thing it was not pasted, that's why I say she is so talented! She recently took in more pastel colours to play with too and you can see the sparkle in my eyes!!

These are a few she done with others! THE PINKIE PIE

Alice in wonderland! 

Galaxy x Unicorn 

Little twin star! 

Hee I only pick what I like for this post XD! But you can see the rest of her work in her instagram and website! http://glitzyfingers.wordpress.com/. 
I really feel that for her service she charging a reasonable price because it is also gelish! Not your normal cheap nail polish which will crack in a week.  From what I know she is also take passion in her work, if anything happen after she did your nails or you are unhappy with the results she will apologies and help you fix it. Not like those kind who doesn't even bother with after service. 

Glitzy Fingers 

101 Upper Cross Street, People's Park Centre
#03-58, Candy Beauty and Art Gallery 
Singapore 058357
Belle - +65 8100 7353
Email : glitzyfingers@gmail.com
Nearest MRT - Chinatown MRT