Thursday, 25 December 2008

Warhammer Vs World of Warcraft

Warhammer Vs World of Warcraft!
Who will win?
Well Many said to me that WoW is better. Why? Isit because they came up earlier? or is it just because is Warcraft?
Think back. I bought both games and I played both.
WoW for 2 months and War for 3.
What I conclude is this.

World of warcraft graphic is better~ Hell yes. I love their character interface.
Is pretty, nice and give out the feeling.
More like when I am making my character they look different.

War character interface is like Lineage.
you can change into different. But not much difference.
Maybe the colour. But some part you just cannot tell.
Conclusion? People look the same some way or another.

However. It came to me, thinking about the game play.

WoW is the game where you need to farm.. Level.. untill you are the max level.
And that is when the game really start for you.
Well Of course I didn't even get to RAID once.
Because my character in WOW is still like what? 30?
Oh hell... How long to take to 70?
Without power leveling? I don't know. Around a month? or half?
But think about it. Leveling yourself if all your friends are 70 already.
you just want to cry? Well for me thats it. It sucks leveling alone..
However seeing my friend raids.
takes alot of team work and skill
which proofs is kinda fun.

War hammer max level is only till rank 40.
Well It not that much like 70.
but then, I like it more because there is much more things to do even if you are low level.
Bad thing.. People tend to slowly level up and doesn't want to reach rank 40
since if you go to another area which you are not ment to =P you may be a chicken!
[I shall try that one day .-.]
But With all the sceniors , Public questes and taking Battle objective.
You just level up without noticing sometime.

the key for both of them to me?
The people.. being in groups...playing together.. that what matter in a MMORPG.
If you don't have people.. who are you fighting with? NPC? is boring!

Lets see screenies!!

Much or less WOW players came and join War >3

You just need to see the people inside~
and how we RVR

Wipe in the castle :( But alot of exp :D

Btw : I am in destruction >3 so yea the red people are order!


Rank 20 is where you get your mount

and Warband is LOVE
because is 4 time your party size!

these are the RVR sections. Taking Battle Objective and also Keeps
Imagine how much renow and exp you get =X

first time breaking the door down which is not your keep IN THE INSIDE XD

sceniors~ The place where battle is always happening

and lastly Public quests
Where anyone can just join you.
Well usually you need to have around 3 - 4 people Because stage 2- 3 is hard

Now for WoW

Sexy night elf for you~
Well this is something like questing too in a group. Where you go dungeons~
Fun , Usually 5 people! Tank and healer is a MUST

Kitty wants to play :3
I am a druid~ And I can MORPH

In WoW you buy the back packs.
In War you gain one more every 10 ranks

Im lonely~ So lonely.. since I am waiting for the boat.
Well WoW doesn't have much people running around.
Only in towns

Like this.. When they a horde decided to kill the flight master and no one can get out of the city.

fun thing about wow that war doesn't have?
When you travel~ You see yourself flying and the places around you.
In war.. You see the loading page LOL

Towns are where people gather~ no where else?

Choose your pick.
Warhammer or World of Warcraft?

To me I prefer Warhammer. Because I can PVE n RVR any rank I am =)

lets give abit of review from warhammer because is so funny when they compare it to WOW

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

From school boy/girl ps

Group photos from school girl/ boy photoshoot :D

Wahahaha soo cutee!! XD




Many of them I met for the first time.
Expect of course my epic family , Tohru , Tenma and setsuru XD

Sunday, 22 June 2008

School girl and boy photoshoot and bbq

Thanks sochii for inviting me!!
always wanted to go XD

a photo from swiftwing

Sochii also did something sweet to the family , she drew us lol!
hahaha XD Thanks!! looks cute!

the rest looks very cute too XD I like chiru one.

Well yesterday was the shoot , so we have to be there at 3pm at dover mrt.
woah I think this post can be thanks sochii Lol!
Because she lend me her vest and tie!
And chiru lend me a black school shoe =X
Me have to return that to you!

Weee on that day we have so many twin.
Me and Chiru
Sochii and Moron
and the rest i forgot the nick name XD

Photos coming up but didn't really take much XD
Swiftwing is really nice and he took some photos for me and chiru!

haha that day was fun , slack alot and play .
Mom is a gay teacher =X
Well He look good in the labcoat... [mom angry =X ]
Moron looks damn cute in the blazer.. Super differnt
Is like he look cool and nerdy LOL
ahhh XD Cute , both of them!

after the shoot , went out with dad to go to my Dad friend bbq
haha Quite fun ^^
I remenber uncle chirst ask me if he was from another country
Lol so many people thought i will get some guy from a differnet country
since dap and denka did..
haha XD Enoch wanted me to say ABC [ aus born chinese]
well overall I had fun, Eat quite alot and etc =P

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Sneak peak on the lolita photoshoot XD

weeee Lolita photoshoot with chiru and sochii!!
Not all pictures are edited or from all the photographers yet xD
But I can't wait!!

This is a soo called half family photo we had ^^


Sochii!! Kawaii!!
More soon!! ^^

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Streetfest Part 6! Vince take!

Weee Vince photos are here ^^
thanks vince for taking my photo and my Rp Family =D










Thanks again! Love the photos!!

Monday, 2 June 2008

Street fest part 5 Lol myself

Well is my blog so this post is about me cosplay neko MAID from kimaichma karin
Without the wig >-> wig didn't come.

Thanks to everyone who took my photo on that day ^^
I feel that this cosplay is better than my first one. Going to try harder next time!!
Yea Luca NEXT and Euphie!
see you all at cosfest!

Thanks again sochii you helping put on the eyeliner XD and touch up the makeup










hey I love to camwhore ~ So yea I did it my toilet because there is a huge mirror there :D