School girl and boy photoshoot and bbq

Thanks sochii for inviting me!!
always wanted to go XD

a photo from swiftwing

Sochii also did something sweet to the family , she drew us lol!
hahaha XD Thanks!! looks cute!

the rest looks very cute too XD I like chiru one.

Well yesterday was the shoot , so we have to be there at 3pm at dover mrt.
woah I think this post can be thanks sochii Lol!
Because she lend me her vest and tie!
And chiru lend me a black school shoe =X
Me have to return that to you!

Weee on that day we have so many twin.
Me and Chiru
Sochii and Moron
and the rest i forgot the nick name XD

Photos coming up but didn't really take much XD
Swiftwing is really nice and he took some photos for me and chiru!

haha that day was fun , slack alot and play .
Mom is a gay teacher =X
Well He look good in the labcoat... [mom angry =X ]
Moron looks damn cute in the blazer.. Super differnt
Is like he look cool and nerdy LOL
ahhh XD Cute , both of them!

after the shoot , went out with dad to go to my Dad friend bbq
haha Quite fun ^^
I remenber uncle chirst ask me if he was from another country
Lol so many people thought i will get some guy from a differnet country
since dap and denka did..
haha XD Enoch wanted me to say ABC [ aus born chinese]
well overall I had fun, Eat quite alot and etc =P


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