feel poor D8

lol I feel so poor when i went to another person house and started to eat like LOBSTER PORRIDGE with ABALONE and SMOKED SALMON PIZZA

this is the porriage [ sorry forgot to take the pizza =x]

smile =D

damn... I feel like eating the pizza again... it was so nice..
oh and that day was also my cousin 10th year anny with her bf XD damn long~ wonder when she getting married

and before that.. I went to a sale.. SALE!!

but.. is not like any kind of sale..
is a LUXURY SALE! ... guest invitation only >->
somehow my mom got it from because a visa card thingy..

why i feel poor... when I go to a sale XD I expect it to be like woot cheap! Like maybe below $30 or even $20
woot cheapskate =X

look SHOES! looks normal =D
it was on sale! From 40% - 70%
average on the shoe ON SALE..
500 bucks

don't believe?


god dammit is just a shoe D8

lovely LADIES shoe!

YEA so basically.. the stuff are this "CHEAP" =D
feel so out of place....
then i saw a cute MOUSE!

now see the price =D

ok it may seem cheap now.. but previously.. i wonder who bought it...

only thing found it worth is those sunglasses which cost 20bucks LOL


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