bio essence

Really love bio essence now.
I have some of their product and is not letting me down.
I also just try a sample of the Radiant Youth essence and is really good for dry skin.
really moist is to make it smooth!
Their Face Lifting cream is good XD
I am sharing with my sister.. helps my double chin.
Sad I've been having double chin since young >< nvm ^^ This is helping!
Also their Skin White Revitalizing exfoliator
is really good for black heads and dry skin!
Omg My black heads from my nose really is reducing and so is my dry skin!
Sad cannot use this on my hair XD Since i really that my hair is the problem now..

Their Tanaka white cleansing form is just ok to me.
I prefer my last time cleanser.. XD
However The white and firm double action essence is nice!
Really help to lighten my skin and firm my neck.
well I feel like buying their toner now xD


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