Friday, 17 July 2009

More M.F

Going to have my M.F shoot with Stella soon!!
Yay this version rocks!
I really love it!
Somehow I am into gowns.. I have no idea why.
Is so flowy and fun to spin.. dance with!!
and AlucardX took this for me and stella XD

Woot dizzy LOL!!

And thanks cow for this picture
and the other photosgraphers XD

Really had so much fun!!
My photos from vincent are here =X !
3 best friend haha

Froggy for lunch =D?

I really like this one..

Well I cannot wait for my shoot now! Wonder what will happen on that day XD
Not forgetting this sunday is my shugo chara shoot! HOLY .-.

this is what I did for day 2
However I was only there for a few hours.
Was sick and I went home and rest >< best =")">