Vocaloid team

Let me just thank the vocaloid team now XD
because i feel I should type out for each and everyone of them!

Miku aka karei : You look really cute as a Miku! and nice paint job XD haha even thou is rush.
Only took a few shots with you however I feel is still nice!!
Can't wait to do magnet and other Vocaloid series with you =D

Len aka Hal : =D you suit this character, Nice prop and thanks for helping me to order this cosplay.. wigs... and so many things... T-T without you.. I don't know what will happen!
Glad i know you! thanks again!

Rin aka Stella : haha thanks for inviting me to the shoot =DD love you so much!!! you can go hit punchbag all you want LOL XD you are soo cute =X
hope we have a good MF/gundam 00 cosplay too =D

Haku aka Setsuru : yo girl!!! you are always draggy when come to makeup huh XD
you look good as a haku! =D Can't wait to do other cosplay with you

Gakupo aka Frank : More couple shots k =DD cannot wait to do those other version with you!
Damn you can be so smexy in those photos XD
keep it up and I'm sure you will get a fanclub soon LOL =X

Katio aka crimson : only had one pair shot with you.. however it was a really funny pair shot XDD
haha everytime i see it , I will laugh..
=D lets do more cosplay k

Meiko aka thelindra : I ISH LOVE YOUR MEIKO XDD sooo pretty!!
=x wanted to do yuri with lol! but don't know where you run too.. hahaha
cannot wait to do a up coming photoshoot with you >3

Akatio aka reinhart : Kor! You didn't cosfuck bah!! It was better then streetfest.
guess you need to work more on how you put on your wig.

and to swiftwing
thanks for taking all those bone breaking shots XDD

and thanks to the other photographers too ^^


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