Ok so like Afa is over!!
and I have been slacking quite a bit now...
Like today! I don't really want to go out!
and I needed to finish my costume for tomorrow photoshoot!
Hope tomorrow will be fun 8D!!
My brother bought for us a cake!! YAY!
Chocolate *drools*

anyway, Back to AFA!
I was quite sad that not people know my Day 1 character =(
Is hinagiku from hayate no goku!
And I heard she is so popular in japan!
Guess singapore doesn't really watch these kind of random shows...
But is still a nice anime! Go watch XD

Thanks to some people on that day!
Like Rinya! Omg so sorry I change out of ranka ><
I feel there is too many rankas on that day already..
clones after clones .-.
and I kinda wanted to do her , just that I didn't have the prop..

Thanks to nicol also! For helping me bring the prop and kinda Saikanging for me that day! lol it was quite funny!

Thanks to my dearest dearie!
You ish my lovely dearie always! even thou you are so busy!
I am sorry to cause you some trouble ><
*hug hug*

thanks to haru!
For helping me do the eyeliner XD

and thanks to AYA-CHAN !!!
oh how i love you XD you save my wig!! HAHAH
must promote your service already XD

this is day one cosplay ^^


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