Tuesday, 15 December 2009

19th Birthday!

Time is passing soo fast!
Is already the 3rd week... I cannot believe it.. This weekend I am going to KL
and next weekend is Christmas and EOY.
This December is zooming like crazy!
Who else got this feeling?!

The previous weekend has pass, and I had a wonderful party!
Thanks everyone for coming ^^
And those who cannot make it.. I hope there will be next time you guys are free!

Celebrated my birthday with Vouge ace!!
and it was soo fun XD with many people coming over and swim =X lol!
" and rape aya"
Many things happen and it pass soo fast!!
I so want to have another party soon sometime!

Got so many lovely things also... but Im just lad that people came and had a Good time ^-^

Who give me the BEST present??
Will I say Frank??
The one who give me his picture LOL?

Or my boyfriend?
Who gave me a stitch blanket O-O

hmmm~~ nahh all is awesome XDD
best present come from MOMO
who was nuaing infront of everyone and was given the name of the Nua Queen from the Nua club.
hee~ Nice present hor LOL


PART of everyone..
the otherside was like amano... recend.. LOL those with cameras =X damn

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Weeeee Had a really fun photoshoot last 2 weeks ago 8DD
is a theme photoshoot that me and Chiru came out with it!
At first like so want only both of us.. but then I feel MORE PEOPLE MORE FUN XD
quite true too!

theme is Royal Elements.
Prince and princess!

I couldn't really decide what to be so end up I pick fire =X
lol since I got ranka red dress LOL

Anyway!! The people who were in were

Princess of Darkness - Chiru
Princess of Light - Rinya
Princess of Fire - Cutepetz
Princess of Snow - Thelindra
Princess of Nature - Lawliet
Prince of Ice - Sochii
Prince of Darkness - Kuromi

Youngest princess of Darkness - Aya
The DRAGON butt-ler - Raistlin
Pink cheerful lolita girl - Blacklash

and sakurazaki came and help out XD

LOL!! was totally really last min for them HAHA
and the shoot was really very fun!
Thanks to Swiftwing , GENO , Amano and Recend!

alot of funny and weird stuff happen!!
Ok ok picture first LOL


Like spot me?!?! LOL!!
ahhh the rest was soo nice on that day!! cannot wait to do another one of this kind of shoot again