19th Birthday!

Time is passing soo fast!
Is already the 3rd week... I cannot believe it.. This weekend I am going to KL
and next weekend is Christmas and EOY.
This December is zooming like crazy!
Who else got this feeling?!

The previous weekend has pass, and I had a wonderful party!
Thanks everyone for coming ^^
And those who cannot make it.. I hope there will be next time you guys are free!

Celebrated my birthday with Vouge ace!!
and it was soo fun XD with many people coming over and swim =X lol!
" and rape aya"
Many things happen and it pass soo fast!!
I so want to have another party soon sometime!

Got so many lovely things also... but Im just lad that people came and had a Good time ^-^

Who give me the BEST present??
Will I say Frank??
The one who give me his picture LOL?

Or my boyfriend?
Who gave me a stitch blanket O-O

hmmm~~ nahh all is awesome XDD
best present come from MOMO
who was nuaing infront of everyone and was given the name of the Nua Queen from the Nua club.
hee~ Nice present hor LOL


PART of everyone..
the otherside was like amano... recend.. LOL those with cameras =X damn


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