BACKLOG!! ok I have so many photos.. but not yet post it up. So sorry!!
I so wanted to share with my friends all this photos XDD
Why? Because it looks good LOL!

firstly!! I want to find people to go with to
Canale! the patisserie chocolaterie!
always love that place, It has awesome cakes and sweets!! ahhh
My mouth is watering already.
seeing their website also make me so hungry
The 2nd time I went there with my mom and sister , I ate this!
Which was like chocolate lave cake!
and the thing beside is cream!!
LOL My sister thought it was ice cream and she took a big mouth of it =X LOL
but it was totally awesome! for those who love chocolate.

and then my mom order this
is called 66% or something like this. which is fully chocolate.
I like the little brownie that was inside XD

Then we went again! with my whole family and cousin!
had english breakfast tea!~ mmmm love it.
First I order raspberry cheesecake!!
Omg it was heaven!
until my mom stolen 1/4 of it LOL XD
it was soo rich and sweet and omg , must try!

My parents order pizza~
not the big kind , but is smaller.
the pizza which got ham and a sunny side up in the middle!
My parents love it.
or course my mom order the chocolate icecream again.
seems like her favorite already

and lastly I really wanted to try their eclair!
So I took the last one I spot!
sheet I been eating a lot of chocolate...
have to stop!
those things on the top was like crunchy brownie XDDD

ahh sometime I just soo wish I know how to make those sweets....
damn I been watching Yumeiro patissiere.. those sweets they make really temp me everytime I watch it...
ahhh I wanna have a cheese cakey now!


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