Promotion Work for Cospa

First day of the promotion work XDD
better than nothing right =P well got selected for it!! and tomorrow is cosplay work for it!!
Awesome costume from cospa.. is making me drool!
The cloth.. the way they sew.. damn why must it be so expensive.
Hope to take some pictures of it tomorrow!!!
This is what I did today!!
TWIN TAILS =P haha!! trying to be a moe moe school girl XD!
Guess i kinda succeeded!
Few asked me where i bought my "school uniform" which was just a top and pink pleated skirt!
Many say I was really moe and cute with the pony tail, which suit the goods.
And others say I was a good sales person because of the way I talk to people and MY MOE-NESS HURHURHURHUR!! LOL!!!! "stares at someone with puppy eyes" ... you sure.. you don't want to buy??... LOL!!! XDDD damn.. it was fun XD!

Oh yes!! Long due photos from last month!!
I am clearing my backlog now LOL
shall spam some photos!!
Something my dearest dearie got for me.. a KAPYBARA XD
I called it claudia LOL!
dearie is such a dear.. even thou he is soo broke he still got me this.. feel bad sometime.. *hugs dearie* most of time I just want to be with you, I don't need great dinners, awesome gifts and wonderful treats...[ once in a blue moon is nice thou LOL] what I want most is to spend my time with you and see your face ^^ your happy smile can bright up my day! These was atucally taken on the day of my house having CNY party XD. Wore this river island dress which my mom bought it for me! [ IT WAS ON SALE!! AWSOME!] it was a very lovely pick and many people commented on it!! Did my own makeup too XD many said I improve and look really nice \o/ woot! I guess cosplay really help! Photobucket

Did i mention I love my hair XDD
My mom atucally kinda hate it.. However many people at CNY say it was very nice and she grew to say she like it LOL!! XDD So many people told me I suit red.. maybe I should be a red head LOL.
Since I know I don't suit blonde or those kind of colour.

What I love about this kapybara.. Dearie knows that I will love it because is a kapybara with a cake on the top!!! OMG!! freaking cute is like claud"ia" Is giving me a cakey XDD
and oh ya.. and now My dog is trying to steal it from me D8
i didn't capture momo ATUCALLY biting the cake!!! It was cute but i was scolding it for not biting my things!

and lastly.. I wanted to act abit =X
hahaha spec girl!! which make me feel It was actually quite fun to pose with specs!!
is so moe!!! but some people just look fugly in it.

The dress from river island!~

ok no more picture spam XDDD


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