Oh shoot , I have not been blogging..
I have been so busy with my life.. I have no time to blog.
So lets make this a quick one since I have 4 more deadlines to do.
Do not have time for myself recently because of school work and cosplay and other commitment.
I also blame twitter!! LOL twitter is like a mini blog to me now.. oh sheet...
but I shall update here also.

First , the shugo chara shoot was awesome! First time having a late night shoot and it was with frank.
Aya and claude was there also, and the photographers was amano, windy and blurmage ^^
was really comfortable in that shoot just that keep thinking how to do my expression and poses.
I am more amu like, but I just my figure is not, SUITS AYA MORE =X
however doing utau is super fun XD I like to do when she is damn cute and all over ikuto. LOL
It was a really fun shoot EXPECT THE BUGS... RAWR!!! BUGS I HATE YOU.
I was really happy dearie was there even thou he got early school, he make me feel more safe.
Just some shots from that day.

From blurmage.

Taken by Windy

Taken by Amano

I shall put pair next time XD

And another thing is that OMG IS MARCH ALREADY.. HOW TIME FLY.. IT WAS JAN JUST A MOMENT AGO!!! Really feel that time is just flying each day.. And whats worst I feel that the day is getting shorter!!!
A moment it was 10am.. now is 8pm WTF... fast...
I got tons of things I need to do.. I don't even have time for myself...
best.. i think is going to be piling even more...
Really, how do those slackers survive, is like one deadline after the other.
Design and Media don;'t even have a term break.. How nice..
My 3D friends all got term break.. but not us ;A; IS THIS RUSH AND SAD.
ok.... assignments is coming.. is already week 8... then it will be ISP...
and my holidays is in may... seems to far away.. but i have a feeling it will come faster than i expected.

Well march weekends is totally burnt out for me!
There is a event work, Dinner and Dance, BOBBI BROWN WORKSHOP <3, and assignments... Well let me make this a fruitful month. I hope.


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