PHOENIX DOWN! Nuuuuu This blog is almost dead!!
Had no time to update at all!!
Went shanghai last week and I didn't really like that place .-.
However the weather there was awesome! 20 - 23 degree... weee thats nice!
But there was nothing to shop!! Omg.. where all those cheap wholesale people go... D8
My sister told me that they all had to close because of the world expo.. damnit!

We touch shanghai and took the bullet train to the city! Only take 7mins to get there..
Highest speed we saw was 431KM! =P Got a photo of it!

The hotel was in a very nice location! Is near the city where all the branded shop are.. But the sad part, Here is not cheaper. They buck up the price 30% MORE then singapore. Imagine..
The rich really got a lot of money here.
Their newly open uniglo and is 3 store high! Is really very big and have a lot of things!
Got a jacket there too =P
People were queuing just to get in and the line can be really long!

World expo was also not that great.. It was super disappointing.
First up they totally need a better queuing or ticketing system!
Waiting for around 2 - 3hr to get inside for 20min is not fun.. some of them is not even worth seeing!
I only get to visit Spain [ which everyone claims is one of the best] , Greece, New city Being and one more which I forgot because it was soo small.
Wanted to go so many others.. But I was with my family and they hate to queue.
so no choice =( we just see the outside which was also nice!
this is only just the starting.. to get to the other country.. you need to take the bus!
see the line..
Think is short? No it was looping 4 time. and there is still another loop at the other side.
Estimation time. 4hr

See what I mean... everywhere is queuing.. And this is just ONE country.

cont on next post!


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