Recently bought items from Lime Crime again, But it was quite long since my previous purchase.
Almost a year already I guess... But their package now is soo pretty!!
Pretty in pink and shiny unicorn!! CUTE!!


Even their package box is sooo cute!! I am sooo keeping it!
I sooo in love with the colour also, reminds me of Miku XD


So agree with their slogan. Their makeup are really THAT BRIGHT!


Open up my package to see it wrap in a green paper~
With a small brochure of Doe Deere and rainbow tutorial!


Me and my friends bought more lipstick these time, Because is really awesome and I just loveeeee their colours!


Look at the pretty unicorn!!~ Love the packaging. Whoever did it, Thumb up to you!!
Made me fall in love with it!

I just do not dare to bring this out, scared if anything happen to it I will cry.

Styletto Opaque Lipstick,
Perfect for cosplay or gothic lolita.

Airborne Unicorn lipstick, soft neon purple.
I feel it look really nice with pale skin!

Great Pink planet lipstick!
One of the lipstick which sold out really fast!!
Soo wanted this is such nice light pink which I feel I just ate a cupcake!

D'Lilac opaque lipstick, the light cream purple.
Looks just like the 1 Carmel macaroons I ate recently XD

Countessa Fluorescent lipstick! The colour that you usually see barbie wear.
Just neon high lighted pink. Which is sooo bright~
surely it will bring out those lips.

Tried their lipstick already and it doesn't feel really oily.
It stays on really well and the colour is really strong!
What you see is what you get!!
So if you really wanted to get a neon pink lipstick
or a black lipstick!
I really recommend Lime Crime, Their lipstick is really worth it.
Is around 23SGD without shipping for one Lipstick!
Gather your friends and try to get the free shipping.
However their shipping is not really a bomb too.
International shipping is around 10SGD which is not THAT painful then others!

So really try their lipstick!~
Their colours are really something else!


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