Been in the cooking mood recently!
However when I mean cooking.. I kinda mean making breakfast.. ROFL!
Unlike dearie when he meant cooking, he will do pasta and others.
This time I did French toast. Yea I know is like easy...
I always though is just crack and egg into a bowl and beat it then put the bread in and soak it
in the egg mixture.. and I feel is wrong..
So I made it with egg, Milk and vanilla extract and it taste nicer then my maid cook it =P
hahha XD I know is still easy but Im going to find how the hotel do it!!! I want to make a very good french toast =P

Next time I shall try putting yogurt/cream , cinnamon and all the other random stuff I feel like putting in MUAHAHHA
[btw I don't BURN DOWN KITCHEN!!! D8!! Stop saying that I will be like those anime girls that the oven will go BOOM ._. I only like to make breakfast stuff thou..]

heee, I will be going to try egg Benedict soon!


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