Fairy Tail Lucy Photoshoot

Enough of claude photoshoot LOL!
The photoshoot I had was Fairy tail Lucy!
Suppose to do this cosplay for cosfest 10.. but end up the wig didn't come =( stupid fantasy sheep
So postpone bah. anyway, really wanted to do a shoot so I ask geno to help me ^^

Also Thank to Aya-chan! For helping me cut the wig! Is really nice now! LOL
I shall pose up how much she cut that day. IT WAS LIKE A PILE!

So here are some photos...
It was raining really heavy =( so we had to cancel our outdoor shoot and made it indoor..
woke up around 4.30 to 5am just to prepare and make up >-> BLAH!!
but end up it was still really really fun XD
use my guest room as the location and try to do a nice setting.

Geno somehow have a thing for my kapibara LOL he said it look so funny he just want to include that thing in the photos.


photoshopped this to make it look like the cover page on the manga XDD

photo edited by geno!

haha we were trying out a lot of poses and way. I super feel fat that day too =(
Guess thats what happen when you eat 3 serving for dinner before that day.

and for the whole time I was trying to make my boobs bigger ROFL!
So many fairy tail girls have such big boobs!

Have not edit the others photos yet since Im really busy in school.
idea of all the books and the stupid HAPPY which look soo retarded!


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