Yet another Bobbi Brown workshop!

Last week went for my bobbi brown workshop again /o/ weee!!
This make it my third bobbi brown workshop I ever been too and I learn more of the night party look.
perviously is more on how to put makeup and how to do natural look. so is really refreshing and I love to learn new stuff!! More makeup skills \o/!! yay
Paid $150 for the class but is all redeemable! SO YES! I GOT MORE MAKEUP!!
But Im freaking sad because I ask for the corrector.. and the sales girl didn't give me..
instead she took the makeup base instead =\
damn now I have to buy it again, or should I try sephora? My sister use that and she say is really good. hmmm Thinking twice now~

My items that I bought! eye Makeup remover~ because is awesome and I love their sample but is all gone already. Bought a base with spf 50, was using prep+prime from MAC previously.
Bought a blusher with shimmer and is lighter pink~
and a nude shade lipstick!!
and can you believe it 4 items.. adds up to 150 already.. talk about the price of bobbi brown stuff O-O!

I got this before bobbi brown workshop properly a 2 - 3 day before, since john little was having a sale!!
YAY FOR SALE \o/ so I went for a little shopping 8D
Wanted to bought more CANMAKE stuff but many was sold out.
Bought the glossy holic lip~ which I really love it.
Got 2 silky girl funky eyelights pencil~ Because I love their colours and I need it for cosplay!
and their liquid eyeliner, I always wanted to buy one but Im not sure which brand is good.
Recently bought those eyeliner markers.. but is not even good for me.. so Im trying silky girl now and is not letting me down!!

hee~ So yea I added more makeup stuff into my collection XDD


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