Friday, 29 October 2010

Weeeee Halloween is coming!!!
I use to hate halloween, because is scary stuff like ghost and zombies.
but the one thing I hate the most is that they like to put SPIDERS..
UGH!! hate them to the core!

Last time around sec 2 and 3 I remenber I love to spend my Halloweens celebrating it with my friends in my house
My mom will decorate the house with cobwebs (dont usually have the spiders LOL)
and like scary stuff around the house and my dad will join in the dressing up.
Well now we didn't do such things already because is too ma fan and no time =( sad

But this year I am going to celebrate Halloween differently~
Going to celebrate at my work place!
going to dress up too!!
Omg cannot wait!! 3 more days <>
I pray for this event to be a success!!

because I love the hairstyle that sochii did for me


btw =( aya say i look like alien here




Capibara chan~

Love them so much! So does puteh and momo!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Eek!! Didn't get the chance to blog this but Cawaii Koohii is open!!
It was actually open on last sat! However.. I feel is actually better to go now than that day.
Since many things screw up so you won't feel the maido cafe experience on that day ><

But now is better and is going to be the 5th that is open!
Currently we got around 15 maids \o/ and we are prob going to get around 20!
Come and visit us k!!! Many people said that our coffee is good and so is mocktail.
and that they will come here instead of TCC =x lol!!!
anyway.. Im not sure if I should make a blog just for my "maid self" because Im not suppose to really tell my real name and everything..... hmmm

well anyway!!!
sorry didn't blog about this earlier... ahhh Im struggling with school work again!!
I feel there a lot of report to write suddenly.. History, Visual, Interface and communication..
and guess what.. my programming is only 2% done WEE! how nice right!
I am going to skip tomorrow lesson to go meet my tuition teacher instead of my teacher in school LOL Since I feel that Ronnie is a way better teacher in programming rofl!
Well after friday!!! I have a bit of rest.. then is time for ISP.. >-> so damn fast!
Everything is coming!!! and I feel I may not go for teenage after all because is clashing with ISP..
AFA however is a must go no matter what!!!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Sad news... Cawaii kohii won't be able to open tomorrow after all (><)
The licences didn't come on time and my boss need to go down to the place
and talk to them!! is soo sad!!
was soo looking forward for it to open to!
if we are lucky.. Friday we are allow to open or else need to wait for next week again..
Why can't they just give us the licence already!! Is been like 1 month!

Today we had a drink testing section, however I came late =(
but when I reach mostly the group I know was there... so not many people were there working..
was expecting to see more maids.. but end up not really =\

had a photoshoot and taken at least 2 nice photo.. but the photographer... was like totally.. i duno not friendly to me and like keep rushing and ahhh somehow I don't really like working with him, my boss seems way nicer XDD!!!

Really fun today because everytime after school I will head down to the cafe and when I work.. I feel my stress go down XD nice way to destress!!

However Im terribly sorry for those who want to come this weekend (><)
So sorry for this sad news!! When it open I hope you all will still visit us ^^!!

Monday, 4 October 2010

Due to some mistake and misunderstanding that happen.. End up we didn't go for the course...

Bought eyelash glue! Thanks to Vic and sochii recommandation!
So Im trying out Kiss Me Heroine Make eyelash fixer.
Hope it won't let me down ^-^.
Since I desperately needed a good eyelash glue!

So we just hang out, bitch , chat and shop =P
It feels like we just pon school and hang out, it was fun! haha!

Anyway! The cafe I am working in called Cawaii Kohii, is FINALLY* going to open.
Which is this thursday!! Come down and support us!!
Some people you may know will be
Vic, Sochii , Lawliet!!! So support us k!
Lawliet and sochii will be working on thursday!
While I will be joining them on friday!!

There will be a concert too 8D! which is on sat and sunday at funan!
We will be dancing with chiroru so come and watch her because she is soo cute and awesome!

Well back to practicing and doing homework!!

Sunday, 3 October 2010

So yesterday I found out that Haru and I got into the finals for
Teenage cosplay competition... yay...
Im not that ENTU about it.. seriously..
I feel is such a fail event, why is there 30 groups for finals..
Is seems like some gimmick just to get more people into their event.

I did meiko for the audition and I feel i totally don't suit meiko at all!!
Luka I am still loving her but meiko... not for me!
so I have to make my choice last night..
to go for it or not end it all..
and yea I decided to just go for it to gain experience.
I will put in my very best and come out something awesome with haru.

because somehow I have no idea how they judge...
like after I see the people who are in..
is like.. pick whoever they can? or something..

Well since i made this choice, Now i have to juggle a lot of things this month and next month.
Assignments , ISP , Work , Cosplay and driving [which i stop for now.. AGAIN]
haihz I need more time.. is already October.. is so damn fast..

Well anyway Good luck to everyone!! Hope to see you all there at the event!