Sad news... Cawaii kohii won't be able to open tomorrow after all (><)
The licences didn't come on time and my boss need to go down to the place
and talk to them!! is soo sad!!
was soo looking forward for it to open to!
if we are lucky.. Friday we are allow to open or else need to wait for next week again..
Why can't they just give us the licence already!! Is been like 1 month!

Today we had a drink testing section, however I came late =(
but when I reach mostly the group I know was there... so not many people were there working..
was expecting to see more maids.. but end up not really =\

had a photoshoot and taken at least 2 nice photo.. but the photographer... was like totally.. i duno not friendly to me and like keep rushing and ahhh somehow I don't really like working with him, my boss seems way nicer XDD!!!

Really fun today because everytime after school I will head down to the cafe and when I work.. I feel my stress go down XD nice way to destress!!

However Im terribly sorry for those who want to come this weekend (><)
So sorry for this sad news!! When it open I hope you all will still visit us ^^!!


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