So yesterday I found out that Haru and I got into the finals for
Teenage cosplay competition... yay...
Im not that ENTU about it.. seriously..
I feel is such a fail event, why is there 30 groups for finals..
Is seems like some gimmick just to get more people into their event.

I did meiko for the audition and I feel i totally don't suit meiko at all!!
Luka I am still loving her but meiko... not for me!
so I have to make my choice last night..
to go for it or not end it all..
and yea I decided to just go for it to gain experience.
I will put in my very best and come out something awesome with haru.

because somehow I have no idea how they judge...
like after I see the people who are in..
is like.. pick whoever they can? or something..

Well since i made this choice, Now i have to juggle a lot of things this month and next month.
Assignments , ISP , Work , Cosplay and driving [which i stop for now.. AGAIN]
haihz I need more time.. is already October.. is so damn fast..

Well anyway Good luck to everyone!! Hope to see you all there at the event!


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