Monday, 31 January 2011

And finally I am almost ready for it!
Mani and pedi done! Hair cut and Facial Done!
Clothes only left DreamV and Garder La Foi to come and is done!!

Time to post before and after XD

Before I cut my hair!

After I cut my hair!

Make are different, First one is my original one for cosplay kind like a lot of coverage.
2nd one I change to more lighter one, Didn't use foundation this time.
Was using dolly wink~ and I.fairy lens! and lips was trying more gyaru style XD
Rofl people think I did a makeover, well thats a good thing!
I wanted a new image for myself for this Chinese New year!
Going to change my look and put more effort on making my skin and everything else beautiful!

Now.. I need to learn how to curl hair without being scared of the ironer. T-T

Ps : Taken my tagbox off! Please comment instead thanks ^^