Lets see!! Is the new year and school have reopen!
Is been the 2nd day of school and classes have been BORING!!!
Guess is because we know most of the teachers already like Jason and Gek Hua..
For jason class is still not bad for me.. Is GEK HUA CLASS that one I cannot take it!
Rofl! During class almost everyone was spamming twitter..
because somehow we were doing MATHS!
Like wtf.. MATHS! I hated maths D8!
and from all those x+2 shit.. I forgotten everything already! ROFL!
Totally didn't listen at all!

Hope tomorrow SAS and Class will be better!
Hmmm information design...
Will work harder however Prob in my own way..
I foresee I need a new Flash teacher!! Anyone can teach me? :3 please


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