New shelves!!!!
This new year, I manage to convince my parents that I needed a new shelve! BADLY!
The previous one was rocking and I always had this feeling that is going to drop on me.
So YES! FINNALLY!! I got what I wish for ^^!
went down to ikea and bought a short white one and something else~

Empty slot, Which is something I never had for at least 9 years!
The wall look so clean and I never get to see the full view of it for so long!

and... TADAH! IS HERE~
Very clean and empty.

I already plan what I wanted to put on the top~ Which is my figurines!
Is a dust magnet however I am cleaning it and my maid is cleaning it every week!

They look happy up there XD.
Really glad I can show them off now!
Perviously they were hiding at my TV shelve which is enclose =(
Zwei got a level all to herself!
Stella present which is the teddy bear share the same level as her~
Time to put the stuff on top of the shelve!
My cupcakes~ Ring box, Hair accessory box, Necklace box~

almost full.. With all my files and paper work!

started to put things on the first level
Like the really nice bottle from CK XD
Full view of what it look like with my staff~
Well now it look like it have more staff, Shall take a photo later.

I really love this shelve! really nice levels, Use my space to the fullest because of the levels!
Got a place to display my figurines and pictures!
Finally a place to put my ring and necklace box!
and a place to decorate it with my cupcake!

I actually wanted to paint it purple and pink, but my mom stop me so because of the material.
=( wanted it to be colorful!! well white is clean and nice still.
Time to decorate it more!!!


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