New Year eve dinner 2010

New year eve dinner!
Kinda late but who cares!!
Thank you uncle Peter and aunt Doris for inviting us to this dinner at Ritz Carlton!
I was allow to bring claude!! Which was really nice of them because it was sooo expensive
The dinner itself that day cost around 300++ bucks D8!! Imagine!!
And they had quite a number of people!
Since it was a dinner at a hotel.. Claude ask me to wear my birthday present =P
That little black dress that he gave me, and he is still so proud about it XD

and when he came over.. I couldn't help but burst out into laughter XD!!!
Him wearing formal is such a rare scene to see. Couldn't take it at all!!

and then poor momo was emo because we couldn't bring her

So anyway heck! I didn't take much food photo =( sad sad sad!
I took the first plate..
Photobucketthose ham was very thin silce and is really very slaty but omg nice!
However I didn't really eat a lot, is good for one or two..

Then took salmon, tuna, swordfish. All very fresh and soft~ Really nice!!
But my dad keep saying try every single thing don't stick to one, So I only took one plate =( SADDED!

There was also free flow of drinks O-O! mean unlimited alcohol!
sadly dearie drive, so he only can drink a bit XD
His champaign with strawberry inside!
One sniff for me and I totally give the D8 face..

There was really a lot of food! Including a whole wagyu beef..
Their chawamushi have eel inside and other things...
The pasta was soo nice XD but really very cheesy!
There was a whole table full with every type of cheese... and when I take a look..
the smell was soo overwhelming.. I faster walk away...
The Indiana food is just soso =(
but their oyster was good 8D and claude was eating the prawn non stop!

To tell the truth.. I was disappointed.. =(
From far it look soo nice!!
However =( many of them had alcohol in it.. and there was many weird combination of dessert..
Like berry and peanut butter pudding.... =\
I took this at first, Look soo nice.. One mouth and I went D8!
Not my taste... really not my kind of food.. =( I WANT SWEET!! SWEEETT!!!! XDD
Oh well I should go to the chocolate buffet and Drown myself there 8D!

So the dinner ended around 12 mid night with fireworks~~
Claude had the photos instead, But it was really nice.
View wise, We can see almost everything expect some trees~ XD but it was no problem!
Funniest thing happen was that when we were watching fireworks and people was cheering,
Some car alarm also went off and started making noise, It was really funny because
it was happening thru out the whole thing XD!
Should have taken a video! Is like the car was cheering also hee!

Well that conclude my new year eve dinner ^^
This was the present we got from Ritz Carlton!
COOK BOOK 8D!!! and everyone had one!


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