Sp hair care review!

Sp Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Mask

Have bad dandruff and sensitives scalp? I know I do for around 10 Years or so already.
Scratching my head and seeing snow flakes dropping down.
Always scratching because is so damn itchy.
and then your scalp will have red patches.

For 10 years I was finding something to help it go away..
Tried brands like head and shoulders and others.
None of them work! Is a LIE!

However Finally I found a brand that work and it calls SP ( System Professional)
I went to chapter 2 for a haircut and they recommended me this because my scalp was really bad.
There was a promotion so I gave it a go.
It has been 3 weeks since using that brand and I see sightly improvement!

The shampoo for clear scalp and dandruff!
The scent of the shampoo is nice too and not too strong.

My hair was a bit dry so the person recommended me Repair for conditioner
however you can get the clear scalp one for dandruff if your hair is not dry.
I totally love this conditioner, it says in the back after leaving for 30sec and it absorb into the hair already.
I usually give it a few min for better results and when I wash it off is always soo smooth!

The hair mask which is also Clear scalp!
Apply only to your scalp and leave it for around 5 min.
Use only 1 time every 3 days. So yea You must count!
This thing is really very good!!! I got to say that I love this mask more then Essential now.

Forgot to add :
Use only Cold water to wash your hair, as the scalp is sensitives and it will cool down the redness and itchiness. Don't use hot or warm water after a month or so when the scalp is better.
Then you can turn up some heat. Best not to use hot water.

When washing hair, Never use your nails to scrub it always use the fleshy part of the fingers to massage it around your scalp.

1st week - Less itchy, still have snow flakes.
2nd week - Less itchy and less snow flakes
3rd week - Seldom itch and red patches is fading away!
and very little snow flakes 8D!

Going to try it for another month to see the results!!
However the current results is wonderful and I will be sticking to this brand!

Note : If you have the same condition as my hair, Please do not use Essential.
The hair stylist told me that Essential is really rich and strong.
Thus making my hair and scalp worst.. Like the red patches and etc.
Probably only can use the Hair essence only.

Cheers and Hope that this review helps those who have sensitives scalp and dandruff!


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