Trip to the skin doctor~

Been busy with sprees, school and meeting recently.

Until my book was filled with purple scribble all around, And I actually like the feeling! 
Is better than being free and bored and sian.

( Im a geek now BD! LOL! Saw these at far east with cassie and she told me that I should get it! So I did! ) 

So today I went to the doctor (again), Well is a different doctor this time. 
Is my skin doctor! and is really a pain to go down there because IS SO FAR AWAY!! 
I live around katong and the place is all the way at Upper Aljunied Lane! My parents needed to sent me there
because my sister can't wake up in time always.... 

I have been going to this doctor for my skin for around 1 - 2 year already and my skin have improve so much! Been to quite a number of skin doctors, around 3? some were very expensive recommanded by my mom, the others by friends or my sister. However My sister and I had stick to this one because he sell the medicine the cheapest and also it way better! 

So the clinic is called
YSL Aljunied clinic and surgery PTE LTD. Located at Blk 5 Upper Aljunied Lane #01-42 S 360005.
 Tel:  63430626. 
Opening hours : Monday - Friday : 8.30 - 3pm , 6.30 - 9pm 
weekends : 8.30 - 12.30pm

For us we always go for the morning section... WHY?!?! BECAUSE THE DOCTOR IS CUTER!! =X 
ok my sister said that, *the good looking doctor works in the morning * Got to admit he is not bad =P 

So like you usually you will write your name and they will give you a number and you wait for it. 
Mine was 45 =P Seems long but the queue number was already 44 8D 

So just go in and tell the doctor about your face and how bad it is. 
Mine use to have ALOT OF PIMPLES and white spots! NOT TO MENTION SCARS!!! UGH! 
Now My skin is much better, Pimples are gone and only come back here and then (usually period =( sad ) and scars are getting lighter! ^^ happy happy! 
I didn't really take picture of my skin (kinda forgot) will one day of the better one but seriously My skin was so bad last time. I didn't know what to do and I will feel soo depress that I just want to go cover it in full makeup. 
However makeup will make it worst if I use it too much like everyday so I decided not to. 

So usually he will give me a wash which is from FLOXIA. Next will be Nimegen and lastly will be Dalacin T. 
All for the face, expect for Nimegen which is a pill. 
{ Will be posting up photos about all this products in another post ^^ and will talk about them more } 

So here is the picture of my goodies from the doctor, Oh there is cough  mixture and pill because I am still sick =(!!!

AND YES!! YOU SEE A HAKUBI B BOX THERE 8D!!! Because I buy my Hakubi from them!!! Is cheaper and cost only $32 there! ( is still cheaper! ) 
Altogether total for all this was $142 consider ok for me because it will last 2 months and without some stuff like the cough mixture and habuki it will be around $90 

Just beside the doctor there is a bakery! Which sells many nice goodies! Like... CAKES AND WAFFLES AND APPLE CRUMBLE! 
I cannot believe my mom actually bought 14 OF THEM! well they are quite small~ 

Eating Apple Crumble with Dearie in my room ^^ They are quite small as you can see.

Overall is not bad, Won't say the best, There were apple slices inside and raisins. 
The top part which is my favorite is really crunchy and nice! 
well I will give a 3/5 for this, I had better =P  
and also they are small so yea... i like it a bit bigger. 
well at least this will keep me from eating too much. XD 



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