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 CandyDoll review 


Recently I bought 2 candydoll products! Because I really want to try it out seeing that so many people are buying it. 
My usual makeup brands are M.A.C, Bobbi Brown and Coastal  Scents. 

My usual lips stick brands are M.a.c and Lime crime. 
And all are shades in pink.  So this was a real turn over for me~ 

Now Im trying some others too however not all because Im scared my skin will go bad again. 
(must be careful ) 


So the 2 items were, Candydoll lipstick in  Apricot Beige and Candydoll Lipgloss in Milky Orange. 

Candydoll lipstick in  Apricot Beige



Really smooth, Easy to apply and not oily  thats a + point for me! 
Is better to apply with a lip brush!!~ 

Candydoll Lipgloss in Milky Orange



Scentless ( some lip gloss have AWFUL SMELL , like NYC ) 
Sticky but not TOO sticky, I feel is just right. Easy to apply 

Really nude colors that Im trying out, usually I wear pink or peachy!~ 
From photos, Milky Orange came out darken then I expected it to be 
However when put together with Apricot Beige It was really nice! 
{ Going to show 3 different kind of lighting =X } 

So easy to apply~ 

This is how natural it look~ 

Close up!!! 
As you can see my skin is not perfect and acne free >< 
Had a lot of open pores are scar! Going to doctor and facial really help! 
(If you wanna know where I go for facial I can blog about where I go XD) 

It last pretty well around 5 hours then I need to touch up a bit. 
I feel is lovely to give a nude and natural look ^^
so overall I will give it 4/5 
Just pre-ordered my Vanilla Beige and Milk Tea Beige!! Can't wait for it to come! Going to try and see whats the different for the color!!! 


 I regret I should have try this brand earlier!! really nice  now I wonder how the blush is! 


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