CNY part and Garder La Foi

Guess what... I am still sick!! I cannot believe it.. I really think is the stuff I ate during Chinese New Year that is making me sick.. either that Or I am really very weak =(
I puke out my food on sunday and it was suppose to be my valentine day dinner x-x I feel soooo sad.
Sorry dearie.. I couldn't enjoy that dinner.
Well to us everyday is valentine day so it didnt really matter.
I just feel so sucky that night =((

Well anyway! Blogging about my CNY part on 12FEB!!
Invited some friends over like Christy, Saku, Jesuke, Alvin, Melo, Mitsuki and kei came over to!
Almost everyone came in different timing so it was really full of fun and laughter!
The party started at 3, however some people came way eariler and my mom was like saying how she thought that singaporeans will always be late!

She even told me last min that her friend sally was bringing 2 of her girls down to have express medi at my house! Totally awesomeness! So I decided to change my colour from pink to purple~ HEE!!
saku was right, is soo luka purple!!Need to take a photo!( iforgot ><)

Christy and Jes also did their nails which was soo impromptu! but it was really nice! Must go get the card and recommand! However the nail salon is somewhere in pandan valley, really far and is near holland village o-o

we played bingo~ Ate my dad homemade hokkian Mee and also SPAM CHOCOLATE!!

and we ended having a nice TCS at mac XD!!!

( Headdress from from diva~ Bought quite long ago )

here a back view~

Bought it from Garder La Foi for $34.80+ (paid register mail)
totally gorgeous and so many people commented that it was like my ROM dress ROFL!

Really comfortable! Totally love the lining and usually I do not buy long sleeve but this change my mind totally! 

The only thing I was quite sad is that is quite short.. if only is longer a bit >

Just take a look at the lace!!! 

Here is the link to their website! Garder La Foi~  and their Facebook , Like them!!
My dress is code GD11002!

Their service is really very fast and good! My dress came in like 2days!! after payment!!!
And they reply my email really fast too! I didn't needed to wait for a day or longer!
Totally recommend their shop!! <3 <3 <3!!
I am already thinking if I should get GT11009 hee~!!
Maybe I should wait for more new stuff!  

Shall end this blog post with a photo~
Was wearing my I.Fairy Blue Lens that came!! <3 XOXO (Thanks JO for the spree!!)
And is going to blog about my candydoll makeup soon! Because I was the lipstick and lipgloss is all of the photos ^-^! 

All photos was taken by my sweet dearie! expect the last one XD 


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