Sick during Chinese new year

Is Chinese New Year... and guess what. I AM SICK! SNIFF ;A;!!
Totally sucks... First I have sore throat and cough.
Then suddenly I got fever which is up and down...
My highest was 39 degree x-x! FEELS LIKE CRAP!
Why must I get sick now >< not only I have so many visiting to do... I have to tons of assignments to do too...
which are due like either Monday or Tuesday!!

At least Dearie has been taking care of me even thou he is busy...
he gave me some of his medi and also accompany me when I was really sick T-T

Now I just hope that this illness is just a come and go kind and not anything seriouse..
If im having fever again on sunday.. Thats it I am going to the doctor AGAIN T3T


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