Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Hanamei and Viccal! (Sponsored Review)

Something came for me again and is from The Sample Shop again!!~

and... they present me.... 

Hanamei Intimate Beauty treatment and VICCAL No. 2.11 Serum!
Viccal website is and Hanamei is

Look!~ Pretty bottle!~ Ooooooo.... AHhhhhh.... 
Love the illustration of the girl! and the bottle has a really nice contrast
Hanamei Intimate Beauty treatment is a hair removal after-care brightening serum! 
 Wow Didn't know they had such thing! 
This serum is to maintain elasticity and resilience of the skin! 
It even minimize ingrown hair and also lighten the appearance of skin darkened by hair removal.

I like this one too look really neat and nice! 
not only that it shows like they are saving the earth from what they use for packaging 

VICCAL have 3 products in total No 1.10, No 2.11 and No 3.12. Mine is No 2.11 and is recommended with skin that is prone to breakout, acne and mild eczema, also not forgetting blackhead, whitehead and oil seeds... >< DAMN YOU!! CAN YOU ALL DON'T COME TO MY FACE =( !!

I am usually scared of trying new products for my face because I would think I will have break outs the next day. So I was waiting for a few days for my skin to get better to use the No.2.11
For Hanami, it is a hair removal after-care brightening serum! So I tried it on my leg instead! 

So this is how the liquid look like! 
Oooooo.... AhhHHhHH..... 

Scent for Hanamei is smells abit like a flower extract to me however is mild and not strong so that is a + point for me! And is true because there is Rosa, flower water, Aloe leaf extract inside it! 

For VICCAL No 2.11 it smells almost like Hanamei one but just more stronger. Almost the same ingredients too however Im not quite sure why does it smells stronger. 

So I tired on VICCAL one first! 


No instant effect, when applying my face feels more oily.  So hence, THE SHINY FOREHEAD! Hur

As you can see, I do not have perfect skin. ( I use makeup to cover them! Ok who don't right?) 
Perviously my scars are WAY worst than this! 
So lets hope that this product can help lighten the scars! 



After putting on this prodcuct, I feel my inner cheek near my nose area became more dry.
However after the 4th day it lighten up a bit, so I guess it needed more time. 
Been using it for at least 5 days now, Will tell you the results after 2 weeks! 

So hopefully this skin become better!!!~ 

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Wigs and masks!


If I had long hair~ 
Something that I always wanted to know! Since my mom love to cut my hair short since young.. 
I think the longest I ever grow is a bit longer than shoulder length thats all....
So yes! I bought a wig, not the cosplay kind but a PRISILA inspired wig and is really awesome!
I love it soo much!
I am also planning to bring it in and take order on my blogshop @ 
do check it out ^^
Really love the colour and the style! going to buy more!! 

This box is for another wig which is a cosplay wig! They are from JB wigs!
Is for my asuna cosplay, a really bright orange wig 
Did it for Dinner and Dance 2011! Going to blog about that soon XD

Quality : 4/5 Good and I really like it! 
Colour : 5/5 Just like the picture they show on the website!
and is heat resistance! 

Going to buy more from there ^^ 


Huge big box! with at least 3 panniers inside! 

see the mess x-x! alot of things to sort out and is usually wigs! 
That black garbage bag there is VIC pannier! and my dogs got afraid of it! 

Stuff from TSS also came in! 


I really love Love More mask now! Totally hook on it! 
Im sure going to buy more! 
why I love it? Because of the lifting mask and ear hook! 
OMG TOTALLY SWEAR TO IT! Now if only My face shop mask have that! 
Recommending this brand to my friends already! 

Seeya all! 

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Meeting back old friends!

Happy 21st Birthday Eugenia!!! 
Wow! All my secondary school friends including myself is turning 21 this year! 
Im going to be 21.... Im not sure if I should said FINALLY or OMFG I AM GETTING OLD?!

Went to celebrate Eugenia birthday at 2 fat man! and got to meet my secondary school friends again, 
the last time we met was at Felicia birthday party. Sigh! I really miss my KC friends! Really awesome bunch and so much to talk about. 
Have not seen them for like 3 years? and most of them have change, not in terms of looks but more like how we grew up and became more matured! 

Ahhh so fun!!! Group photo!! XD 

Mel , cassie , michelle , me! 

How the place look like

Thai pork? LOL but really nice 


Beer fish and chips =x
but cannot taste the beer 

this is what i order XD hotdog and chips
OK! the plae I feel is just like a bar.. nothing special.. the only thing I notice is that from the food we order..
is like they are trying to stuff us with fries!! I cannot even finish mine at all! 

The ball inside mel beer can! Can play ping pong! 

Most of us can't even finish our fries!! TOO MUCH! 

Her birthday cake! which was made by Eunice!! 
Really nice! XD 

Happy birthday ^^

Strawberry cake!! really sweet but nice XD I like it! LOL


Everyone love my new camera BECAUSE AWESOME TO CAMWHORE HAHAH

hee use to do this with cassie XD


what I wore for the dinner! Been a long time since I wear this dress ><

Ok I feel my fringe is long again!!! I want to trim it soon!! 

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

I.fairy spree order for SOYC

Many have ask me when Im opening one again and that they really love the I.fairy lens! 
As I said in my previous blog post! I am opening another one like a speed batch for SOYC!! 
It will be closing in 28th and all payment must be in by 29th! 
I have updated everything on this page!

and for people who want to see all the lens at one go!
Here is the link which I uploaded all the lens!! so is all in one page ^^ 

I also added it here ^^

Happy viewing!~ 

 Wearing my ash green I.fairy len here ^^!! 

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

I.fairy lens!!

I.fairy lens are HERE!!!! It just arrive today~ YAYNESS! 
First good news of the day ^-^!

Can't wait to open it!

The lens for this spree XD!!!
So cute she place all the red in the middle!

Dolly+ red! The one that most people bought! 

Hera series.. Somehow I don't really like the pattern >< 

Eclipse!! Pretty light green~ 

Dolly+ brown. 
Dolly+ is really popular, thats what I feel. 

Jewel Blue! I bought the super jewel one. Is without the black outline. 
So this will give another effect. But Im sure the blue will come out really striking. 

Ash violet!~ Love the colour!! May wanna buy it soon. 

This is my buy ^-^!! Dolly + Grey and Ash green!~

Hee~ Now I can't wait to try them on!! 
Just counted how many colour contact lens I got and total I got 5 already!!! 
Woah that a lot to me because I usually wear clear. 
The only contact lens which I didn't like was hanabi gold, because it sting my eyes T-T 
I think I'm going to throw that one soon. 

Just email everyone who bought their lens and going to meet up with them soon! 
I am opening another I.fairy spree again!! 
closing on the 29th of March and will come in time for SOYC! 
I am also ordering fynale series like hime lens! So do check it out!! 
All lens cost $23 including of shipping!

Note : If you order 10 lens at a go one lens will cost $21 

Cheers all~