Wigs and masks!


If I had long hair~ 
Something that I always wanted to know! Since my mom love to cut my hair short since young.. 
I think the longest I ever grow is a bit longer than shoulder length thats all....
So yes! I bought a wig, not the cosplay kind but a PRISILA inspired wig and is really awesome!
I love it soo much!
I am also planning to bring it in and take order on my blogshop @ http://chocolatemagasin.weebly.com/ 
do check it out ^^
Really love the colour and the style! going to buy more!! 

This box is for another wig which is a cosplay wig! They are from JB wigs!
Is for my asuna cosplay, a really bright orange wig 
Did it for Dinner and Dance 2011! Going to blog about that soon XD

Quality : 4/5 Good and I really like it! 
Colour : 5/5 Just like the picture they show on the website!
and is heat resistance! 

Going to buy more from there ^^ 


Huge big box! with at least 3 panniers inside! 

see the mess x-x! alot of things to sort out and is usually wigs! 
That black garbage bag there is VIC pannier! and my dogs got afraid of it! 

Stuff from TSS also came in! 


I really love Love More mask now! Totally hook on it! 
Im sure going to buy more! 
why I love it? Because of the lifting mask and ear hook! 
OMG TOTALLY SWEAR TO IT! Now if only My face shop mask have that! 
Recommending this brand to my friends already! 

Seeya all! 


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