I.fairy lens!!

I.fairy lens are HERE!!!! It just arrive today~ YAYNESS! 
First good news of the day ^-^!

Can't wait to open it!

The lens for this spree XD!!!
So cute she place all the red in the middle!

Dolly+ red! The one that most people bought! 

Hera series.. Somehow I don't really like the pattern >< 

Eclipse!! Pretty light green~ 

Dolly+ brown. 
Dolly+ is really popular, thats what I feel. 

Jewel Blue! I bought the super jewel one. Is without the black outline. 
So this will give another effect. But Im sure the blue will come out really striking. 

Ash violet!~ Love the colour!! May wanna buy it soon. 

This is my buy ^-^!! Dolly + Grey and Ash green!~

Hee~ Now I can't wait to try them on!! 
Just counted how many colour contact lens I got and total I got 5 already!!! 
Woah that a lot to me because I usually wear clear. 
The only contact lens which I didn't like was hanabi gold, because it sting my eyes T-T 
I think I'm going to throw that one soon. 

Just email everyone who bought their lens and going to meet up with them soon! 
I am opening another I.fairy spree again!! 
closing on the 29th of March and will come in time for SOYC! 
I am also ordering fynale series like hime lens! So do check it out!! 
All lens cost $23 including of shipping!

Note : If you order 10 lens at a go one lens will cost $21 

Cheers all~ 


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