Japan earthquake

My heart goes out to those who suffer in the recent japan earthquake. 
May the dead Rest in peace. and the others be safe. 

Really sad to see it happen... When I saw video and photos.. I just cannot believe that the water can move so fast.. and see houses being wash away... It also made me feel grateful that Im in singapore which we never experience these kind of things before. 

But there is one thing I would like to say. Way to go Japan! The people really know how to act!
I read the twitter and updates from some blog. Some of them really move me to tears.
How they went and help people, bought heat pads and start sharing among strangers, didn't cut the queue and even let people hop on their rides. I wonder if Singaporeans will ever do that.. 

May you all work hand in hand japan! and overcome this together! 

I will be donating some money after I get my pay to the red cross. I guess thats the best I can do. 
If the salvation army is taking up donation I'm willing to give some of my clothes away. 

Lets all help in a bit, big or small. They all count ^^

To my friends in japan, Please Take care of yourself!! I hope that you will be safe and so are your families.
To those who are overseas, Please take care too! >< You won't know whats going to happen next. 
I pray for your safety.   


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