Just some side notes

Hey readers!! Just some side notes of some stuff people have been asking and updates!!
Like I.FAIRY Lens order! I order it yesterday and is processing it already!! 
It should arrive in 2 weeks time! Will update everyone thru here or email 

For the Poppin' Cookin' spree that my friend is hosting! 
They change the deadline to today (sunday)!! So if you really want to get something HURRY AND GET IT NOW! (That reminds me I also have to order the ice cream one XD)
 http://www.poppincookinsg.blogspot.com/ Go check it out now! 

Next up Sp (System Professional) hair care. 
Is already been around 3 months since I use Sp from Chapter 2! and all my hair products are running out expect the hair mask. So I went to purchase it again! 
This time my stylist said is much better and my hair is stronger Im using another shampoo!
So this time I she recommended me the Hydrate one! 
and she said I should use the hydrate one and the clear scalp one alternated days. 
So is like one day hydrate one day clear scalp!
Been doing that for a week already and I feel is improving my hair condition! Really happy that I found this brand!!! No more flakes! No more redness! And no more scratching of my head! YAYNESS!!! Really recommend this brand to whoever have dandruff and sensitives scalp! 
Ok then!! this is it for now! Will be blogging about all the stuff I got from doctor soon and also! NEW CANDYDOLL MAKEUP ^^!! Finally it came!!~~ Not to mention I bought like diamond lashes and dolly wink items from a japan spree! Coming in 2 weeks time ^^ yayness!!  


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