Meeting back old friends!

Happy 21st Birthday Eugenia!!! 
Wow! All my secondary school friends including myself is turning 21 this year! 
Im going to be 21.... Im not sure if I should said FINALLY or OMFG I AM GETTING OLD?!

Went to celebrate Eugenia birthday at 2 fat man! and got to meet my secondary school friends again, 
the last time we met was at Felicia birthday party. Sigh! I really miss my KC friends! Really awesome bunch and so much to talk about. 
Have not seen them for like 3 years? and most of them have change, not in terms of looks but more like how we grew up and became more matured! 

Ahhh so fun!!! Group photo!! XD 

Mel , cassie , michelle , me! 

How the place look like

Thai pork? LOL but really nice 


Beer fish and chips =x
but cannot taste the beer 

this is what i order XD hotdog and chips
OK! the plae I feel is just like a bar.. nothing special.. the only thing I notice is that from the food we order..
is like they are trying to stuff us with fries!! I cannot even finish mine at all! 

The ball inside mel beer can! Can play ping pong! 

Most of us can't even finish our fries!! TOO MUCH! 

Her birthday cake! which was made by Eunice!! 
Really nice! XD 

Happy birthday ^^

Strawberry cake!! really sweet but nice XD I like it! LOL


Everyone love my new camera BECAUSE AWESOME TO CAMWHORE HAHAH

hee use to do this with cassie XD


what I wore for the dinner! Been a long time since I wear this dress ><

Ok I feel my fringe is long again!!! I want to trim it soon!! 


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