Poppin Cookin!!

Heya everyone! 
 Do you all know whats  Poppin' Cookin'? 
Is those make your food kind of toy which is in gummy flavors videos!! 
Is like totally going around Facebook and everyone wants to try it! 
Sadly.. is only in japan =((!! Japan have all the COOL stuff....

Well not sure what I am talking about!??!  
Here is some Picture and Videos! 

Like this!! This is the Raman and dumpling one! 

There is also cute bento set WITH PANDA!!! 

Or for those sushi lovers <3~ 

My favorite one.. SOFT CREAM ICECREAM! 

there is also this! 
But can't find a video of it ><.. sorry

Did I make you tempted?!??! XD Want to try to make these badly already?! 
Guess what!!! One of my friend is bringing it in TO SINGAPORE 8D!! 
Bet you are wondering how much the price is... 
Price is... 9SGD!!!! Inclusive of shipping and normal postage 8D!!! 
To me it sounds like a good deal! Since is from japan and all.
So visit their website now!! 

Im like so going to try the ice cream one 

 Any other question can  her or ask me ^^ 



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