Skin Care List from YSL Clinic

Been saying that I will blog about my skin care product from the doctor, and now I finally have the time to do so! 
As you all know I go to YSL Clinic as you can read it here on my post.
This is a post to tell what items I got there. 
So here they are. 
- Nimegen ( Pills) 
- Floxia, Gel purifiant ( Facial Wash) 
- Dalacin T (Solution) 
- Hakubi White C ( Pills) 
- Hakubi B ( Pills) 

Seems like a lot of pills right... Ok let me post with PICTURES now! 

Look! Is NIMEGEN! they are cute pink pills in this box. 
This is what helps to clear the pimples away and all sorts of acne. 
Take note : DON'T take nimegen if you are PREGNANT! 
So this pill is good if you have a lot of acne on your face. 
after a few days you will see the wonders of it and your pimples will start to clear. 
However this pill will make you really dry and dehydrated. Please drink a lot of water! 
Please consult the doctor before taking this ^^ 

Next up is Dalacin T. 
Is a small solution bottle containing 1% Clindamycin phosphate, USP 
ok no idea whats that.. but this thing will help clear your pimples as well. 
When a pimple pop out on your face, take this and dap a bit on the pimple and you will see it slowly going of!
So is something like a pimple cream! But in solution form, so it won't be oily. 
For me, after using this you can see the pimple getting smaller after a day or so and after a few days is gone! ^-^ yayness!!!

Next is my facial wash!!! I won't ever use any wash after this.. 
I like the smell and it works really good for me, didn't dry my skin nor is it oily for me! 
I just wash 2 times a day everyday~~
Looks like this~ 

Lastly... THE PILLS!  Hakubi white pills and Hakubi B! 
Been trying out Hakubi B recently. The orange one is for complexion and the blue one is for whitening. 
Really big orange pills for this one. Got it from my doctor to however it is also available at the local drug store like Watson or guardian. ( just that my doctor sell it abit cheaper XD) 
For the Hakubi B pill take it 2 every morning!! awesome!! 
While the Hakubi white pill need to take 2 , 3 times a day x-x!! sometime I forgot to take them... 

because of my time table =(

So does this work? I say that is working but you need to take it long term. 
Like don't expect visible results in just a week or 2, prob 1 mth for a slight change and 2 - 3 mth big change.
For me the whitening pill did work! my scars became lighter after taken 3 - 4 months of it! 
I shall wait longer for the orange pill to take effect. 
But what to say XD I treat this pills as my vitamin because they are filled with it too!!

So this is my stuff from the doctor ^^ and is helping my skin for quite some time already!! 
Really happy~~ Of course I do go facial here and then and it does help too!!
Im going to post about my facial place next week!! Going to go again on wed~ 

See you all soon!~ 


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