Hanamei and Viccal! (Sponsored Review)

Something came for me again and is from The Sample Shop again!!~

and... they present me.... 

Hanamei Intimate Beauty treatment and VICCAL No. 2.11 Serum!
Viccal website is www.viccal.com.sg and Hanamei is www.hanamei.com

Look!~ Pretty bottle!~ Ooooooo.... AHhhhhh.... 
Love the illustration of the girl! and the bottle has a really nice contrast
Hanamei Intimate Beauty treatment is a hair removal after-care brightening serum! 
 Wow Didn't know they had such thing! 
This serum is to maintain elasticity and resilience of the skin! 
It even minimize ingrown hair and also lighten the appearance of skin darkened by hair removal.

I like this one too look really neat and nice! 
not only that it shows like they are saving the earth from what they use for packaging 

VICCAL have 3 products in total No 1.10, No 2.11 and No 3.12. Mine is No 2.11 and is recommended with skin that is prone to breakout, acne and mild eczema, also not forgetting blackhead, whitehead and oil seeds... >< DAMN YOU!! CAN YOU ALL DON'T COME TO MY FACE =( !!

I am usually scared of trying new products for my face because I would think I will have break outs the next day. So I was waiting for a few days for my skin to get better to use the No.2.11
For Hanami, it is a hair removal after-care brightening serum! So I tried it on my leg instead! 

So this is how the liquid look like! 
Oooooo.... AhhHHhHH..... 

Scent for Hanamei is smells abit like a flower extract to me however is mild and not strong so that is a + point for me! And is true because there is Rosa, flower water, Aloe leaf extract inside it! 

For VICCAL No 2.11 it smells almost like Hanamei one but just more stronger. Almost the same ingredients too however Im not quite sure why does it smells stronger. 

So I tired on VICCAL one first! 


No instant effect, when applying my face feels more oily.  So hence, THE SHINY FOREHEAD! Hur

As you can see, I do not have perfect skin. ( I use makeup to cover them! Ok who don't right?) 
Perviously my scars are WAY worst than this! 
So lets hope that this product can help lighten the scars! 



After putting on this prodcuct, I feel my inner cheek near my nose area became more dry.
However after the 4th day it lighten up a bit, so I guess it needed more time. 
Been using it for at least 5 days now, Will tell you the results after 2 weeks! 

So hopefully this skin become better!!!~ 


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