Suffering with Hives

Sad Denise is Sad =( Since for the past 2 days... I been having HIVES!!
Those rashes that look like insect bite but is alot.. and it covers EVERYWHERE!
and omg is hell ITCHY!! ><
It was my first time having Hives so I didnt know what to do.. Was scratching myself in the middle of the night around 3am. I thought something is wrong.. Why am I scratching all over.
I turn on my lamp and saw my whole arm cover in that.. OMG I WAS SHOCK!
I thought to myself..  WTH IS THIS! isit because I am too cold? or isit another reason..
I turn off my aircon and cover my blanket and tried to sleep..

adter 2 hours.. IT STILL DIDNT GO OFF.. AND IT BECAME WORST!!! MY LEGS WAS COVER WITH IT TOO.. this is when I know is not the aircon.. It was something else.
So.. I google, google is your best friend!!
and turn out I got HIVES from allergic reaction. It really suck!
So concluion. I got hives from the new medicien this new doctor gave me. I ate one time only and I got it.
Problem is I do not know which medicine is the cause of it.... since there is 4 of them..
Early in the morning my mom called the doctor and he told me not to take the night one..
I decided to take only 2 of the medicine he gave me... and hope that this hives will go away..
GUESS WHAT.. IT BECAME WORST!! It started spreading all over my body...
This time I was really scared already but my parents didnt want to bring me go doctor nor hospital.
They keep saying is the cold and just wait till wed since they are working.

So i waited.. and Tuesday night.. it became so worst.. both of my hands was bloating up...
I was scared.. so scared... I cried to myself thinking will it go away.. should I go hospital now..
I tweeted and facebook and many of my friends commented on it. Saying I should go to the hospital now and take care.
Jeremy sms me and saying I shouldn't take it lightly because it can killed... omg was so worried...
Decided to called dearie and wake him up.. he the only hope I got... in the end he decided to drive me to CGH..
To us.. I guess that was the best move ever.. spend $85 buck at AnE though...

Doctor gave me a jab and 6 small pills.. DAMN THE JAB WAS PAINFUL!!! not the poking... IS WHEN SHE WAS INSERTING THE THING! I can feel it and it was like... painful that i was squeezing Claude.
So they put me in a wheelchair and then on the observation bed for at least an hour.
( I ALWAYS WANTED TO SIT ON A WHEELCHAIR FOR FUN =x ... i know it sound weird but I just wanted to so that I dont want to walk.. tried it and I do not want to try it again. =P hope it will be my last time sitting on a wheelchair. Lol when I was sitting down I keep giggling and look at claude with a smile on my face.. Somehow he didnt get the message LOL. ) 
Dearie was there beside me ^^ even bought for me melon bread and even feed me xD I feel so touch.
In the end it got better and Im allow to go home ^-^
Im so happy he was there for me.. he was beside me in my room the whole day and even skip school to be with me >< Fell bad when he said that but Im also glad he did work at my house.
So wanna know how long I sleep? lets count. 7.30am - 1.30pm , 2.30pm - 6.30pm, 8pm - 12am.
14 HOURS OF SLEEP! =P ALMOST THERE BAH XD the jab really made me giddy and sleepy..
When I was awake half the time I was giddy mode and I just wanted to pop back on to my bed..
But glad now no more Hives and I feel better. Just that my stomach is still not cured T-T.

I would like to thank everyone for their concern ^^ thanks for all the msg and sms. Even calls, it really made me so touch that you all are there for me. <3 So happy that you all came to my life. ^^


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