CandyDoll beige Lipstick and Lip gloss!

 Another CandyDoll review  

Hee Bought another 2 candy doll items recently and is Vanilla beige and Milk tea beige!! 
As you can see I am really going for those nude colour first, Really want to try it.

Both of them came in the mail for me from i-babydoll. 
whats that you say? 
Is a page I found while looking for candydoll makeup! 
And to me theirs is way cheaper than others places and also the seller is really patient and sweet! 
So if you are looking for dolly wink or candy doll item, you can check it out!! 
I just order daimond lashes from her!! Can't wait for it to come! 

Ok back to candydoll!!

Vanilla Beige 

Milk tea beige 

The colours are nice however I really prefer my Apricot beige and milky orange combi more.
Somemore this combo give my lips a more pale look than the other one 

As you can see I feel this is more orangy then the other one which is more natural looking. 
Well I am going to play with it more! to give a more nicer look. 

I went to use Vanilla Beige and Milky orange here. 

Like all candydoll products, Is not that sticky and is long lasting. 
I really starting to love their product so much that I just went to bought Ramune Pink!! 

Will post up once I get my Macaron Pink to play with! 

** Interested in the wigs I am wearing? 
Will be blogging about it soon and also coming to my blog shop ^-^ ** 


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