Price list for doctor products!

Hey everyone! Many have been asking me prices of the skin care products from YSL clinic. 
I went there today to get a wash and hakubi pill and I ask how much is the price for most of the items I use!
Check out the my other post on these products here  

All products is gotten from YSL Aljunied Clinic!

So here is a update! 


Hakubi B - $32 Is really cheaper than watson! 

Facial Wash, Floxia Purifying Gel - $29 
One of the best wash I use because it doesn't give a stiff feeling 

Nimegen, your cure for pimples - $48 
There is 30caps inside, last you around 1 month - 2. 

Dalacin, For those pesky pimples when they pop out - $26 
Is a small bottle only 30ml however it can last me for a month or so. 

So these are the products I got from the doctor Usually the consultation will determine how long you are inside. Average around $20. 

So for those who were curiouse on how much it was ^^ here is the price list!~ 
and hope you all get better skin too!!


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