Friday, 27 May 2011

One of the worst place I went in taiwan!

Is time for the 2nd day part 2 At the spa! 
After shabu shabu and shopping~ Went for massage which my aunt recommended.
however is not that good to me.. you will understand why later 

The shop was more chinese looking, I always prefer the western kind but oh well. 

Somehow chinese spas always have this weird smell that I do not like!!! Wonder what isit..

So first up washing your feet! 

So I put in my leg and waited for the person to come.. 
waited.. and waited... I think I wanted for almost 10min? 
and I needed to ask isit time to take out.. and she say oh ya ok! =-= what service!!
and can so tell is from china! 
My legs are prunes already!!

oh well so she took us up to our room. My mom got a single for me! 

small and cosy.. still got that smell however D8! 

new hair do 8D!~ 

Ok let me explained by experience... 
The person who massage me was from china, she said so herself. 
I also told her from the start do it lightly and my shoulders are the one that are most sore.. 
I only told her that don't put too much lotion., sometime it will make my back outbreak like my sister.
From time to time.. I only feel more pain, is like she is doing it harder.. 
So I keep asking her to do it lightly. 
 When she was rubbing A LOT of lotion... like one area she at least take 4 hand serving of lotion.. if that is little.. i wonder what is normal =-= 
and many times.. it tickles more than feel comfortable.... I was laughing out loud and she keep saying pain ah? 
you know is my lightest already! 
oh dear.. I do not want to try your hardest!! I think I will just DIE from it! 

I told her to do more on my shoulder and back then and don't touch the front. 
Guess what.. It was the right choice!! 
After the whole massage, My mom came out and told me this is the worst place she been too. 
Somehow these girls are more than masseuse... They touch weird places and rub them non stop.. 
My mom told me they touch her breast and rub it non stop and keep asking feeling good?!?! 
she then told me that the were touch the upper thigh area non stop and also ask if feeling good... 
now I wonder.. what the masseuse do to my dad.. 
My mom and 2 of her friends also told me that it was bad and is like they like molesting them. 
Even hen ask to stop they still do it.. UGH! 
So I glad I didn't get that!
Well somehow they say that if you pay more they will do special service for you.. I WONDER WHAT IS THAT?? MAYBE IS HAPPY ENDING! 

In the end I didn't enjoy it.. and a day after my legs was sore and I couldn't walk straight.. how nice right.. 

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Day 2 in Taiwan! Part 1

Second day in Taiwan!! 
and what do I want the most.. INTERNET!! I WANT TO GET IN TOUCH WITH MY DARLINGS!!
heard from my mom that there is free wifi at level 9 business room!
So yes I went there!!

Nice cozy place~ I set at the corner and use my iPad!!~
Ahhh Internet... I can't live without you anymore! 

So I started my day going to a nearby salon to cut my hair!
I should have went to chapter 2 :< but forgot!!

Somewhere near the hotel I was in, actually it was just behide! 

So decided to cut bangs again =D

=P trying to hide my face here because I didn't put makeup yet XD

Something to keep my occupy!! I uploaded magazine scans on to my iPad so that I got something to read!

Can you see the bangs~~

Ok here a better photo

Well I think I still prefer chapter 2 but this is good already ^^

Was on my way to lunch~ and is raining again. 
The cab driver said it will rain until weds! 
I don't mind~ I love the cold weather !! 

See how wet isit!! reminds me of singapore rainy weather. 

Wondering where are we going to eat.. hope not meesua or smelly tofu!!

We have arrived!! at a shabu shabu restaurant just opposite the hello kitty cafe! 

So we had 4 people at our table! 
because Daphne friend and her mom join us! 
So we order 2 sets... and we didn't know it was going to be a lot..

First thing that came~ Standard, veggie and other things you put in hot pot!

pardon my photos trying to take artistically XDD 


Boil!!! BOIL!!!


another sashimi with salad set. 

some sushi which I didn't touch

Salad! With chicken, melon , watermelon and tomatos.. 
I feel is a very weird combi

Fried tofu!! IS NOT SMELLY TOFU XD!! 
I really like my tofu like this~

Seafood set!~ The prawn was still alive and kicking! 
thats how fresh it is! 

Everything was really fresh!!

Table was totally full!  No place for anything and with had to get a extra table1!! 

Yup I will recommand this place XD! nice shabu shabu! infact it was that good that my parents came back twice.

The set also came with drinks and dessert!! 
totally worth it! 

Soft ice cream!

Red bean soup! 

and mine.~ A CAKE 8D!! CHOCOLATE CAKE !~  

hee~ happy me XD 

Ok part 2 of Day 2 in the next post XD 

Monday, 23 May 2011

Day 1 in Taiwan!

As everyone knows, 
I always pack my bag last min, because I always do not know what to bring x-x!!
and every time I pack my bag, this will happen!

This 2 dogs will go into the bag and stare at me! 
and then fell sleep inside the bag.. guess is really comfy in there with all my clothes LOL! 

I went to Taiwan on SUNDAY!!! and the flight was at 11am! 
We needed to be there by 9am at least, so thanks to Dearie, we drove me there to save cab fare!

<3!~ Wearing my new liz lisa inspired!!

We reach at around 9.10 and before I know it Daphne was there already...
She went later than me but reach there first..

Reach into the airplane and there is always one thing I look forward too... THE FOOD 8D!! 
Call me crazy but I love airplane food! I want to see how they pack it, whats the sides!!

Can you see which seat Im on?!~
There were 2 more seats beside me and no one was assign to the seat XD! 
=( But after that I spoke too soon and 1 china guy switch his place..
Lucky he move because he was doing really big actions. 

I do not really like Cathay Pacific... well I got to the older plane so the seat was really cram!! 
Best part :( My sister was sleeping and she was like going to kick me! 

I do not like the pudding but the chicken and mash.. even the veggie I ate it all up!!
Mash was soo good!!! I need to learn how to make such smooth and soft mash!!!
That reminds me I need to get a blender =X! 

Ok guessing time over! This is my seat number!

GUESS WHAT?!?!? WE MISS OUR 2ND PLANE!! when we are in HK!! 
All thanks to computer we miss the flight! 
Well is partly our fault and theirs.. there was no body showing any signs or telling us where to go..
Not even announcement....
Totally do not know what happen and what to do so I went to ask the airline people.

Oh well we manage to get the 4.30 flight! Not that bad. At least is not another day!!
Whats the weird thing is that they say our baggage was in Hong Kong with us 
and not in the plane that we are suppose to seat. 
how did that happen?!? Im not really sure.. someone can alighted me? 

When we reach Taiwan is already 7pm =( late!! can't do much shopping already!

Out side my hotel! seems decent and got shops already 8D

best part? Each item only cost $1.50 8D!!

Yup I was really happy!! and Love the weather there!!
Windy with 18 degree!~ Perfect weather! 
It rain in the morning and afternoon and let down by night.. ahhh~ Love it!

Went to have dinner near my previous hotel last time we came to Taiwan! 
Since my mom and sister was having craving for the auntie meesua!

but guess what =( she was having a day off because is raining! So we didn't get to eat her meesua! 

Ate this instead, which was like zi zha (wait whats the spelling) 
ok no idea how to write that in chinese!

So we had fish!! bamboo shoots!! Veggie!!~ 
It taste a bit like Singapore food but a bit different too.. Not bad XD 

Daphne order meesua and I got to say it taste not bad 8D! 

Was like taking mouth full of the leeks with the beef and didn't wanted to eat the others.
yup it was really nice 8D!
Probably thats why I gain weight.. NUUUUUU!!!

so after dinner my sister said SHE HAVE TO SHOP! 
at least somewhere!!
So my aunt brought us here. 
Ok the place is wufenpu! (thanks to wenjin and Min Jie!)
But there is a lot of wholesale shops!

pilling bags in front for wholesales to choose! 
and omg.. my aunt really know how to bargain... 900 goes down to 550..
490 goes down to 300... 
seriously I am not that brave to bargain that much ><
I usually only do 490 goes down to 400 or 390!

Even my mom have a special way of bargaining! Like saying that she can get cheaper else where and she will go other country to get it.. the shoppers will give her from 900 goes to 600... 
wow... O-O! must learn to get cheap deals!!

Here a recap on what I bought for first day! 

Here a upclose on the bag!~ 

This is the bag which my aunt and mom bargain from 990 - 500  i think is around that price XD
so is like $40 to around $20! 
they are really.. good in bargaining.. 

and my new bag organizer~ which cost 10 bucks!!

Totally love it!!!

Ok Day 2 post coming up soon XD!