Day 2 in Taiwan! Part 1

Second day in Taiwan!! 
and what do I want the most.. INTERNET!! I WANT TO GET IN TOUCH WITH MY DARLINGS!!
heard from my mom that there is free wifi at level 9 business room!
So yes I went there!!

Nice cozy place~ I set at the corner and use my iPad!!~
Ahhh Internet... I can't live without you anymore! 

So I started my day going to a nearby salon to cut my hair!
I should have went to chapter 2 :< but forgot!!

Somewhere near the hotel I was in, actually it was just behide! 

So decided to cut bangs again =D

=P trying to hide my face here because I didn't put makeup yet XD

Something to keep my occupy!! I uploaded magazine scans on to my iPad so that I got something to read!

Can you see the bangs~~

Ok here a better photo

Well I think I still prefer chapter 2 but this is good already ^^

Was on my way to lunch~ and is raining again. 
The cab driver said it will rain until weds! 
I don't mind~ I love the cold weather !! 

See how wet isit!! reminds me of singapore rainy weather. 

Wondering where are we going to eat.. hope not meesua or smelly tofu!!

We have arrived!! at a shabu shabu restaurant just opposite the hello kitty cafe! 

So we had 4 people at our table! 
because Daphne friend and her mom join us! 
So we order 2 sets... and we didn't know it was going to be a lot..

First thing that came~ Standard, veggie and other things you put in hot pot!

pardon my photos trying to take artistically XDD 


Boil!!! BOIL!!!


another sashimi with salad set. 

some sushi which I didn't touch

Salad! With chicken, melon , watermelon and tomatos.. 
I feel is a very weird combi

Fried tofu!! IS NOT SMELLY TOFU XD!! 
I really like my tofu like this~

Seafood set!~ The prawn was still alive and kicking! 
thats how fresh it is! 

Everything was really fresh!!

Table was totally full!  No place for anything and with had to get a extra table1!! 

Yup I will recommand this place XD! nice shabu shabu! infact it was that good that my parents came back twice.

The set also came with drinks and dessert!! 
totally worth it! 

Soft ice cream!

Red bean soup! 

and mine.~ A CAKE 8D!! CHOCOLATE CAKE !~  

hee~ happy me XD 

Ok part 2 of Day 2 in the next post XD 


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