Fun in the sun with sunplay

There is one thing I really hate about singapore and many of you all know is the weather! 
I totally hate the weather! Is freaking freaking HOT!!! 
SO HOT that I'm sweating all over! 
as much as I love the outdoors, I really hate the sun... 
I love how bright it is but I hate how hot it is.. 
Not to mention that we need to take care of our skin :
Im so scared of sun burns, and not to mention tanning! 
probably thats why I am so pale.... 

however I always wanted to have fun outdoors!!~ Like cycling with my friends!
( I got a recent sunburn :<) 

So the sample store was really sweet to me this year!!
They let me try Sunplay new product! 

And got these from Sunplay!! 
First thing that catches my eye? THE BOTTLE! 

and YES is a spray!!!  I totally love it because is not that normal spray that squirts! 
Is the soft kind and is really cover well!!
Instant fell in love with this product! 

just leave a bit of a distance and spray all over! however NOT ON YOUR FACE! 
I bet many people are tempted to try that!!
The correct way is to spray on to your hand and pet it to your face!!
Really gentle way, and is better for your skin! 

So with this spray bottle, Is such a easy way to put sunblock!!!
yay!!!~ No more sunburn for me! since is SPF 80 too!!

Thank you ThesampleStore!!! 


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