Going to taiwan!


That means Im going off to taiwan soon! around 10 hours time =x!

Well it also means Im going to not see Dearie in awhile.. also my dogs and friends...

Oh well not like they need me... they always sleep and just want the bed and aircon.. 

Will miss everyone!! and try to bring back goodies!! 8D!!! 
Going to go there and SHOP TILL I DROP!!! 
But I heard that the weather is hotter than singapore and colder at night ._. another PMS weather..

mostly cloudy with occasional showers
21 ~ 25
mostly cloudy with showers
20 ~ 23
mostly cloudy with occasional showers
20 ~ 25
mostly cloudy with occasional showers
21 ~ 27
partly cloudy with occasional showers
22 ~ 28
partly cloudy with occasional showers
22 ~ 28
partly cloudy with occasional showers
22 ~ 28

D8!! Woah what a range! My parents is there now and they say is warm.. but cold in the night..
To trust this or not ... IM LIKE BRINING SPRING CLOTHES TOO. 
Later I freeze or melt... oh well that means more shopping for clothes 8D!

The one thing that many people tell me I need to eat is smelly tofu... OH NO I M NOT GOING TO TOUCH THAT! THE SMELL ALREADY GETS TO ME EVEN WHEN IM NOT EATING IT!!
No way no way no way!! They said is a experience but I will pass...

I will prob look like this if I ate that... but I will gladly eat the XXL CHICKEN 8D! 

And yea.. I been spending a lot..

Mostly on bags and clothes and makeup! 
Just bought liz lisa clothes! and also this cute liz lisa makeup bag!!
Going to put my stuff inside for taiwan~

and another lis lisa bag!! this is totally love <3!! 
Going to buy more! 
Hope taiwan got all these stuff like in vivi and popteens!!
Sorry wallet.. Im going to break you D8! 

See you all again on Thursday ~~ 


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