Haul from taiwan!

Im back~~~ and I bought so many things from taiwan!!

First day this is what I bought! 

Soooo love the bag <3

Some items are not mine as they are gifts to my friends XD 

Hee!~ Told you got alot of flower in my bag!

2nd day... 

Went to daiso and SASA! And looted all this!!
The daiso items cost 1.50 per item! =X abit cheaper bah!! 

and omg dolly wink is cheaper!! it only cost $18 for the lashes! 
Powder cost $20! and lipstick cost $19 XD 

I bought shoes and more clothes too at ximengting (i think thats the spelling XD) 

Ok for 3rd day!

MASK!!! HUR!!! love more was buy 2 get 1 free and sexy look is buy 1 get 1 free. 
not only that it cost only $8.. MUST LOOT PLEASE

and the clothes is mostly LIZ LISA XD!! FINALLY!! REAL LIZ LISA CLOTHES! ROFL! 
Because I been buy inspired >< no money for real liz lisa... and not only that!! See a real liz lisa shop real life made me cry for joy xD! 
ok the Liz Lisa bug is in me already! 

Bought more shoes~ XD need to bite them =X 

Last shopping day. 

bought one more sports shoe! 
went to grab the dolly wink eyeshadows!! which is cheaper again 8D!!
Bought some presents and SOCKS!! which i find them soo cute xD!! 

So yup these are my loot!! for the taiwan trip. Counted them and conclude I bought 72 item!
Opps =X sorry I think I over spend. :< can't resist! too cheap! 

Will be blogging about my days in taiwan soon!!
Like the trip to Liz lisa store, Hello kitty cafe and many more!~ 



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