Recently many package came for me!!~~ and of course I bought quite a number of things too. 
>< damn Im spend a lot! Need to cut down!! 



Quite a lot..~ and some of them are from the sample store!! Thanks TSS! Love to try out new things! 

So what are the few items I got? 

My stuff from Kelly japan spree is here!~ YAYNESS ^^ 
and I bought some stuff from watson which I added in the photo like the eyebrown pallet and eyeliner  

Belts from G market <3 

My stuff from I-babydoll is also here 8D! Increase in LASHES! 

and taobao spree! Ok those wigs are not mine! only prob 2 or so ROFL! 
Cubie bought the most from this batch!! rofl!! all the wigs here! 

Well I am going to take more next time about what I buy 8D!! Weee love the items!!~  


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