One of the worst place I went in taiwan!

Is time for the 2nd day part 2 At the spa! 
After shabu shabu and shopping~ Went for massage which my aunt recommended.
however is not that good to me.. you will understand why later 

The shop was more chinese looking, I always prefer the western kind but oh well. 

Somehow chinese spas always have this weird smell that I do not like!!! Wonder what isit..

So first up washing your feet! 

So I put in my leg and waited for the person to come.. 
waited.. and waited... I think I wanted for almost 10min? 
and I needed to ask isit time to take out.. and she say oh ya ok! =-= what service!!
and can so tell is from china! 
My legs are prunes already!!

oh well so she took us up to our room. My mom got a single for me! 

small and cosy.. still got that smell however D8! 

new hair do 8D!~ 

Ok let me explained by experience... 
The person who massage me was from china, she said so herself. 
I also told her from the start do it lightly and my shoulders are the one that are most sore.. 
I only told her that don't put too much lotion., sometime it will make my back outbreak like my sister.
From time to time.. I only feel more pain, is like she is doing it harder.. 
So I keep asking her to do it lightly. 
 When she was rubbing A LOT of lotion... like one area she at least take 4 hand serving of lotion.. if that is little.. i wonder what is normal =-= 
and many times.. it tickles more than feel comfortable.... I was laughing out loud and she keep saying pain ah? 
you know is my lightest already! 
oh dear.. I do not want to try your hardest!! I think I will just DIE from it! 

I told her to do more on my shoulder and back then and don't touch the front. 
Guess what.. It was the right choice!! 
After the whole massage, My mom came out and told me this is the worst place she been too. 
Somehow these girls are more than masseuse... They touch weird places and rub them non stop.. 
My mom told me they touch her breast and rub it non stop and keep asking feeling good?!?! 
she then told me that the were touch the upper thigh area non stop and also ask if feeling good... 
now I wonder.. what the masseuse do to my dad.. 
My mom and 2 of her friends also told me that it was bad and is like they like molesting them. 
Even hen ask to stop they still do it.. UGH! 
So I glad I didn't get that!
Well somehow they say that if you pay more they will do special service for you.. I WONDER WHAT IS THAT?? MAYBE IS HAPPY ENDING! 

In the end I didn't enjoy it.. and a day after my legs was sore and I couldn't walk straight.. how nice right.. 


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