Thriller Live

Last Tuesday I gto 2 tickets to go watch the Thriller Live!!!
 Well Sadly Claude couldn't make it so I called Cassie along!!
And we totally had a blast!!
We totally remember the best songs from Michael Jackson and Jackson 5! 
It brought back so much memories Im sure my dad was enjoying it too.

Btw this is thriller live.. basically thats their website. 

So this is what it looks like when going in! Didn't know they had such place!

Then comes the stage! 
This was taken during the break because we made it just on time for the show! 

The show was full of blinking lights.. thank god I didn't faint because of it rofl! 
Also no photography was allow during the show so yea~ only got this! 
The show was awesome, From when M.J was a kid with the jackson 5 To his solo career! 
The little boy who came out really look like him!! not only that he sing so nice too XD REALLY VERY CUTE! 
and the singers was awesome! but my favorite was the DANCERS! OMG!!!
<3 <3 <3 SO AWESOME XD 

Ok so we got bored! HAHA during the break whats the 

Ok I so totally need to cut and dye my hair again!! 

Thanks cassie for being my guest!! XD and CONGRATS ON GRADUATING! 

What we wore! Cassie wore a nice black dress and she came from graduation!!
Not forgetting my pink jacket from DreamV XD!! 

My sister and her boyfriend! 
btw his name is Xing Long ( I think thats how you spell it) so he say call him X.L 
My mom was like HUH XL? EXTRA LARGE? ROFL! 
I wanted to call him a dragon instead !! 

and this is one of the singers! 8D He is cute!! and he sing damn good!! 
If you close your eyes Im sure you will thought is M.J singing! 
Rofl he didn't mind taking a photo with us 

Rofl and thats his dad right there!! 
I really wonder how old is he now, since they say he looks older then his age. 

Funny part > My sister was like laughing really loudly because her friend likes him and then he started to blow kisses, and my mom went to blow back HAHAHA!! I TOTALLY TOLD HER SHE WAS LIKE A TEEN! 

So we went to BEANSTRO! since all of the other shops are close D8! 
By the time we finish our show it was 10pm =(!

Really had a fun time with cassie that day 8D!! Must go out more often! 

So this was my dressing for the day!!

Bad hair day D8!!



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